Who’s Your Mama?

Well, Louise asked me if she could take over the blog today to wish all those who know themselves as mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!

And, as I am the most magnificent, magnanimous Sir Beaumont of Sheeadoodleland, I agreed.

She’s written more about mothering, having a mother, being a mother on her blog — imagine btw! She writes on it 5 – yup 5 times a week and can barely write on mine once a week! What’s with that? But wait, I digress…

Right, as I was sayin’ she’s written a bunch of stuff about her and her mother and becoming a mother and all that jazz (she doesn’t btw mention me once in her discourse about being a mother – I mean, again! what’s with that?

Anyway, I suggest you go read it. As always, Louise has a lot to say (ain’t that the truth) but, some of its not bad.

Though the missing writing about being a mother of me and what a blessing I am in her life is a bit of an oversight if you ask me. A big one in fact!

Ah well, it is her day so I guess I’ll let her have it (her day that is) without giving her too much trouble — yes Rod, I heard you! πŸ™‚

Happy Mothering Day all you who call yourself, however you came to adopt the title, Mother. May you receive a thousand slobbery kisses and a whole bunch of treats! (hint. hint.)

Sir Beaumont of Sheepadoodleland

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