The Execu Pup

Beaumont:   Where’s my coffee?

Me:  Excuse me?

Beaumont:  My coffee. I’m the ExecuPup. You’re my secretary. Why aren’t you getting me coffee?

Me:  Who said I’m your secretary?

Beaumont:  I’m the ExecuPup. I make the decisions. I decided.

Me:  You seem to forget I’m the boss here.

Beaumont:  You seem to forget I’m the one in the chair. You’re the one standing at my office door. Where’s my coffee?

Me:  You don’t drink coffee.

Beaumont:  I might if you were a better secretary.

Beaumont came to the office with me for a couple of days while his dad was away. He brought his attitude with him.

I’m not sure a lot of work got done, but he sure did manage to lift spirits and make people happy. And what could be better than making people happy?


On one of the days, a girlfriend sent me the video below proving, he really can talk!  Thank you Barb M! 🙂

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