On the short end of Beau’s schtick


Photo by JADutton – Beau and Al

Beaumont:  So… you think it’s okay to just leave me like this?

Me:  Al and Jane are there.

Beau:  That’s not my point.

Me:  Oh dear.  Here we go…

Beau:  You go away and leave me and now I’m getting attitude?

Me:  Oops. Sorry. My apologies. It’s just you always do that ‘that’s not my point’ schtick… and I always come out on the short end of your point.

Beau: And your point is?

Me:  Why do I always come out looking like the loser in these conversations?

Beau:  Perhaps because you are.

Me:  Be nice.

Beau:  Hey!  I just tell it like it is. You’re the one off gallivanting around the country and now you’re accusing me of not being nice?

Me:  Well at least we left two amazing humans to amuse you!

Beau:  The humans are great. Quite amusing in fact. It’s you I’m not so sure about.

Me:  Me? What’s wrong with me?

Beau:  You have to ask?

Me:  Oh dear.  I’m coming out on the short end of this conversation again aren’t I?

Beau:  And I ask again. Your point is?

Me:  I’ll never win with you?

Beau:  Now we’re getting somewhere.

Me: (Sigh) I get your point.

Beau:  It’s about time. Now, quit bothering me. It’s time for Al to read me another story and then, I’ll let him give me some more treats. These humans are great once you train ’em right.

C.C. and I are in Ontario for a week watching leaves turn and visiting with friends. Our lovely friends Al and Jane are staying with Beau. Apparently, he’s teaching them how to spoil him. if he wasn’t already incorrigible, I’d be worried.

Beau’s girlfriend Zalie




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