A Dawg’s Real Life

Beaumont:  Remind me again why I have to get up?

Me:  Because it’s morning and I want to get up.

Beaumont:  Then get up already.

Me:  You’re lying on top of me.

Beaumont:  You can slide out.  Just don’t disturb me.

Me:  Beaumont. Don’t be difficult.

Beaumont:  Jane never made me get up.

Me:  Well… Jane is a softie.

Beaumont:  I like Jane.

Me: What’s there not to like?

Beaumont:  My point exactly. You need to be more like Jane.

Me:  Beaumont. This isn’t about me. It’s about your getting up.

Beau:  I don’t want to.

Me:  Did I ask you if you wanted to?

Beau:  Jane always did.

Me:  Beaumont….

Beau:  Jeez Louise. What’s the rush? It’s Sunday morning and baby, it’s cold outside.

Me:  Don’t you ‘baby’ me.

Beau:  I wouldn’t mind if you babied me a little bit. Jane did. She always let me sleep in until I was ready to get up.

Me: Enough with Jane this. Jane that. Jane’s not here. I am and it’s time for you to get back to the reality of your dawg’s life. I want to get up.

Beau:  Then get up already. No one’s stopping you.

Me:  Beaumont….

Beau:  (feigning snoring) Sorry. Can’t here you. I’m sleeping… and dreamin’ about Jane. Did I mention she’s a real babe?

Me:  (sliding carefully out from beneath him so as not to disturb him) Grrrr…..

Our dear friends, Jane and Al, took care of Beau while we were away for 10 days. If he wasn’t already incorrigible I’d say he’s worse! Between Al reading him stories and Jane letting him get away with whatever he wanted, he was a very happy pup!

And now, back to a dawg’s real life. I’ve got to go wake him up and take him for a walk. Sun is shining and though it’s cool outside, it’s a beautiful day!  Wish me luck.

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  1. Hi Beaumont, we haven’t met yet but hopefully soon! I guess you have some work cut out for you, again. Just when you thought you had Louise well-trained, there she goes, flitting off on some whimsical holiday. Now, it’s back to the training. From what I understand, you are a pro. In a few days you will be master of your domain. (Oh, did I mention that she is good, really good at what she does, so be forewarned.)

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    1. Well at least right now he’s lying on the couch — on the blanket I laid out for him and not in the space where there’s no blanket! Progress comes in baby steps, or is that dawgie paws? 🙂


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