Shhh! Do Not Disturb.

Me:  Beaumont. Do you have to lay in the middle of the floor?

Beaumont:  I’m not just laying here. I’m sleeping.

Me:  Okay. Do you have to sleep in the middle of the floor?

Beau:  Yes.

Me:  How about ‘no’?

Beau:  No.

Me:  Ummm… No you don’t have to sleep in the middle of the floor or no, you’re not moving?

Beau  What’s it look like?

Me:  You’re not moving?

Beau:  Gosh you’re smart for a mere human.

Me:  Don’t be sarcastic.

Beau:  Don’t be annoying.

Me:  Beau!  That’s not nice.

Beau:  Look. I’m not trying to be not nice. I’m just trying to get some rest here! Can’t you let sleeping dogs lie?

Me:    Not when they’re lying in the middle of the floor.

Beau:  I’m not moving.

Me:  I’m not kidding. You have to move.

Beau: Who’s gonna make me?

Me:  (Sigh)  Fine. I’ll just walk around you.

Beau:  Good call. Now. Let me sleep. I’ve got mountains to climb and billy goats to chase and fresh scents to smell.

My youngest daughter and her partner took Beau for a hike yesterday. He had a great day but he’s one tired Sheepadoodle. Given the fun he had, we may never get him to settle down on the ground again!

Thank you TW for the photos!



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