Beau: Preventer of Premeditated Disappointments

Me:  So. Ummm. Beaumont.  Do you see the towel lying on the couch?

Beau:  Of course.

Me:  Well, you know it’s there for you to lie on.

Beau:  Ahh. I see where this is going.

Me:  Where do you think it’s going?

Beau:  Oh. You know. To that place where you tell me I’m supposed to be lying on the towel and I tell you I’m quite comfortable where I am and you get all huffy and whiny and I smile and make some smart remark about how you need to learn to relax and  let sleeping dogs lie and you give a big sigh and I go back to sleep.  That place.

Me:  But that place doesn’t include you getting up and moving to the towel.

Beau:  Well aren’t you the observant one.

Me:  I’m also the feeder and walker of you one.

Beau:   Well Hoorah for you.

Me:   Beau. I want you to move to lie on the towel.

Beau:  That’s nice.

Me:    I expect you to move.

Beau:  You now expectations are premeditated disappointments? So. Rather than you having to set yourself up for disappointed at a later time, let me get it over with.  I’m not moving.  See. Win/win/

Me:  How is you not moving to the towel a win/win?

Beau:   Are you thinking about being disappointed?

Me:   No.

Beau: I rest my case. Now. Off you go. And don’t worry about getting disappointed later. I’m going back to sleep right here, right now.

And he did.   ARRRRGH!!!!





5 thoughts on “Beau: Preventer of Premeditated Disappointments

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  1. Beaumont, are you positive you are not a human alpha male. You sound so much like some I know, or knew in another life. And for your info, you think you may have won this round, but beware, there will be more, and the challenges will not be in your favour. So, a bit of unsolicited advice, acquiesce occasionally and you just may come out ahead.

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