You’re Kidding, Right?

Beaumont:  So…. let me get this straight. You trick me into thinking we’re going to the park and then you bring me to the Vets?

Me:  I didn’t trick you. We went to the park earlier.

Beau:  Yeah, but you didn’t tell me this was next!

Me:   Stop complaining. It’s for your own good.

Beau:  Getting stuck with needles and having someone stick their hand up my butt is for my own good.

Me:  She did not stick her hand up your butt.

Beau:  That’s your story. Mine is, you let me be tortured.

Me:  Beau! Amelia is a great vet. You didn’t even wince or cry out when she gave you your needles!

Beau:  That’s ’cause I was in shock that you’d actually standby and let it happen. You’re my human. You’re supposed to protect me.

Me:  I am protecting you.

Beau:  By having me shot up with drugs?

Me:  You weren’t shot up with ‘drugs’. You were innoculated with medicine to keep you healthy and safe from diseases.

Beau:  Felt like torture to me.

Me:  But you like Amelia.

Beau:  I like informed consent even more and I don’t recall putting my paw print on any piece of paper saying someone could poke and jab me.

Me:  I signed on your behalf.

Beau:  Well I don’t recall giving you Power of Attorney over me.

Me:  I didn’t know I needed it.

Beau:  Lady, there’s obviously a lot you don’t know about being my human.

Me:  I think I’ve done a pretty good job of it for over four years now!

Beau:  Ha! How human of you. Prone to limiting beliefs and acts of stupidity.

Me:  Beau! That’s not nice.

Beau:  And you think letting me get stuck with needles is?

Me:  That’s different.

Beau:  And there you go again. Being oh so human. Now, where’s my treat? And I think I earned a day on the couch. I need to heal from my ordeal.

Sigh.  Beau went for his annual exam yesterday at Glamorgan Animal Clinic with the wonderful Dr. Amelia Falk and while he won’t admit it, he kind of liked the attention.

Beau:  Don’t kid yourself, I did not.

Me:  Sssshhh.  You’re supposed to be resting on the couch.

Beau:  How can I rest when you keep writing nonsense?

Sigh…. and so it goes. I’m just a mere human and he remains Top Dawg.

But seriously… Thank you Amelia and the team at GAC. I think you’re wonderful! 

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