There Ain’t No Shorn Shame Redemption

Beaumont:  Seriously?  Why do you do it?

Me:  Do what?

Beau:  Oh don’t you give me that innocent look. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Me:  Um…. you mean your beautiful haircut?

Beau:  Ain’t nothin’ beautiful about it. It’s a crying shame.

Me:  Don’t be so sensitive. You’ll be much cooler for the rest of summer.

Beau:  Have you noticed the temperature today?

Me:  It’s a wee bit chilly. But it will get warmer.

Beau:  Right. And my coat will grow back. Harrumph. Sounds like human rationalization of bad behaviour on your part to me.

Me:  But it’s true. Summer’s not over and your coat will grow back.

Beau:  And in the meantime, what am I supposed to do? Hide under the covers?

Me:  Don’t be ridiculous. You’re not supposed to be up on the bed anyway.

Beau:  And you’re not supposed to put me into shorn coat purgatory.

Me:  (sigh)  It’s just a haircut Beau.

Beau:  And it was my hair you cut. Did you even think to ask.

Me:  Of course not. You probably would have said no.

Beau:  And I rest my case. Now, out of my way. I’m going to go curl up on the bed and try to stay warm.

Me:  Beau…

Beau:  Don’t ‘Beau’ me. You created this shorn shame situation. You figure out how to redeem yourself while I go lay down where I belong. Let me know when you figure it out.

And so he did. Climb up on the bed, make a nice little nest for himself while I tried to figure out ways to redeem myself.  Believe me, with Beaumont, t’s a long road back from The Shorn Shame Redemption.

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