I’m Pooped. I’m Not Moving

Me:  Beaumont. You’re sleeping on the couch.

Beau:  Yup.

Me:  Well, you know you’re not supposed to.

Beau:  Yeah, well, you’d be sleeping on the couch too if you’d just walked for a gazillion kilometres.

Me:  It wasn’t that far.

Beau:  How would you know. You weren’t there.

Me:  Well, Auntie Annie told me. You walked just over 20 k today.

Beau:  Ha!  No wonder I’m tired.  And anyway, what kind of dog-person are you not to take me on five hour walks every day?

Me:  The good kind?

Beau:  Ha!  I say the lazy kind!

Me:  I take you for a walk every day. Two walks in fact.

Beau:  Yeah. And together they barely add up to an hour and a half if you’re lucky.

Me:  Beau. Be generous.

Beau:  I am. I’m curled up into a ball sleeping on the couch. It’s not like I’m taking up the whole thing. And after the walk I just had, this is where I’m staying. I’m pooped.  I’m not moving.

Sigh. And he is, very pooped out. My sister and her husband are visiting from Gabriola Island and are avid walkers. Yesterday, they took him on his normal route along the river to the off leash — an hour’s jaunt.  Today, they decided to explore Bowmont Park. And explore they did. Beaumont is done in — but he had an amazing time!

And yup. He’s not getting off the couch.

And yup. He’s been very spoiled.  And nope. I am not walking him for five hours everyday! 🙂


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