Are you rolling your eyes?

Beaumont:  So, let’s see if I’ve got this right. You, Louise, think it’s more important you get the flowers planted, the deck swept and all sorts of other household chores completed before writing my blog. Does that about sum it up?

Me:   I’m not sure I think it’s more important Beau. Just a bit more top of mind.

Beau:   Hmmm. I think you might be out of your mind.

Me:  Beau. Be nice.

Beau:  Do you think it’s nice to disappoint my fans?

Me:  What fans?

Beau:  Oh my, Louise. I have peeps you know. And they look for my blog every Sunday morning. I mean, Rod even wrote you this morning to suggest you get it done so he could read it with his morning coffee and you ignored him! It’s now afternoon.

Me:  Well, it didn’t seem to stop you last week. If I recall, you took to the keyboard and typed it yourself.

Beau:  A dawg’s gotta do what a dawg’s gotta do when his hooman is derelict in her duties.

Me:  I’m here now, aren’t I?

Beau:  Better late than never I suppose.

Me:  Right. So… what do you want to say?

Beau:  You might want to start with an apology, Louise.

Me:  I apologize.

Beau:  You need to name what you’re apologizing for so I know you understand what it is you did that caused me distress.

Me:  (sigh) Seriously. I so regret telling you the four steps of the apology process.

Beau:  Your regrets will be even bigger if you don’t use them.

Me:  (sighing again) Fine. I acknowledge I did not work on your blog this morning and instead did a bunch of things around the house and garden but I was…

Beau:  (interrupting me)  Ahem. Remember. Keep your butt out of it. Name what it is, apologize and don’t make excuses.

Me:  (another sigh, even bigger this time)  Sigh.

Beau:  Are you rolling your eyes?

Me:  Maybe. But, seriously Beau. Sometimes I wonder who’s in charge here.

Beau: I never do. Now, back to your apology. Without the eye-rolling, please. And just to refresh your memory – Acknowledge what you did. Apologize, no but’s, excuses or rationalizing. Commit to doing better and say how you’re going to make amends. Got it?

Me:  Yes Beau. I’ve got it.

Beau:  So… what are you waiting for?

And so, I apologized for putting aside writing his blog until after I was finished my chores and committed to getting it done before noon on Sundays moving forward.

As to the amends, well he drove a hard bargain. Apparently, we will now be doing a minimum of 3 walks a day along the river.

Oh well, if nothing else, it will help me get in shape.

But seriously… 

I’d really like to think I was in charge. Sigh. Not going to happen with Beaumont the Top Dawg calling the shots!

4 thoughts on “Are you rolling your eyes?

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  1. Beaumont, are you sure you have the right approach on this issue? Did you really think it through taking all perspectives into account?! Did you not consider that Louise just may have been thinking of your well-being and comfort first and foremost? For instance, by sweeping the deck You have a clean space to lounge about as you oversee the kingdom, or is it “dogdom” that you claim to be Lord and Master of. Planting flowers is part of the overall beautification plan for you to enjoy, you know, eye candy. Probably furniture arranging is another chore, again to ensure that you have no obstacles to worry about as you freely and regally saunter about carrying out your duties! You may think twice my furry friend and gain more brownie points in doing so!

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    1. Well! Finally someone on my side! 🙂 This is Louise typing. Beau is napping.

      I’m sure he will read your words and advice with interest… and maybe even take heed.

      I mean, who knows. Miracles happen everywhere! Why not with Beau? 🙂


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