Please Don’t Sing

It stormed last night. Thunder. Lightning. Wind. Rain.

Beaumont doesn’t like thunder and lightning. Nor wind. They scare him.

I awoke at around 4am to the sound of him standing over me on the bed, panting noisily.

Me:  Beau. What is it?

Beau:  Huff. Huff. Huff.

Me:  Go back to sleep.

Beau:   Huff. Huff. Huff.

Me:  Oh. It’s the lightning and thunder.

Beau:  Huff. Huff. Huff.

Me:  C’mon. You’re already up on the bed, just curl up and go to sleep.

Beau: (placing his wet nose on my cheek) I’m scared.

Me:  It’s just a storm Beau. It will pass.

Beau:  That’s a stupid saying when you’re in the middle of it.

Me:  Sorry. But, it’s true. It will pass.

Beau:  Yeah?  Well in the meantime, how about making a little more room for me on the bed? I’m tired and really want to sleep.

Me: (moving over towards the edge of the bed so he can sprawl out between C.C. and me) There you go bud. Feeling better.

Beau:  Can you hold my paw please?

Me:  Of course Beau. Want me to sing you a lullaby too?

Beau:  I’ve heard you sing Louise. That scares me more than the storm.

Me:  Beau!  (pushing his paw away) Here I am being all nice and letting you climb up on the bed in the middle of the night and you criticize my singing?

Beau:  That’s not criticism. It’s just fact. Kinda like you saying, the storm will pass. True. But not very helpful in my time of distress.

Me:  (sigh) What? So you’re just trying to get even?

Beau:  No. I’m just trying to keep your singing from damaging my already traumatized ears.

Me:  What about my ego?

Beau: What about it?

Me:  Well your telling me not to sing is not very good for it.

Beau:  Oh don’t worry about your ego, Louise. From where I lay, it’s just fine.

Me:  Harumph! Fine. I’m going back to sleep.

And from the other side of the bed comes a sleepy whispered “Thanks Beau for encouraging her not to sing.” from C.C.

Beau:  I got your back dad.

C.C.:  Thanks bud.

And C.C. and Beau begin a lovely (not) snoring duet while I lay awake wondering… “Where have I gone wrong?”

Chalk one up for Beau and C.C. Men. They always gotta stick together.

8 thoughts on “Please Don’t Sing

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  1. Hahaha very funny. As we enter the rainy season and have just agreed to foster a dog for a while, am certainly hoping that he is not scared of thunder and lightning. I value my sleep way too much to engage in conversations with Esco in the middle of the night.. But seriously all power to Beau for giving it a shot.


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    1. He is absolutely terrified of storms — wind and thunder. Ugh. However, he makes up for it in so many ways we just have to love him through it. 🙂 I saw your pooch! So sweet and how wonderful that you are fostering. ❤


  2. They do that, don’t they? Guys sticking together.
    Just so you know, Beaumont. I’m kind of a wimp too when it comes to storms. Mom won’t let me on the bed. Well, she did, once… Zeke

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    1. Hey Zeke — thanks for barking in here! I heart ya’ bud re the storm thing and feel your pain. Thank goodness our mom’s are woozies! Mine let’s me on the bed any ole’ time. (Well actually my dad does and she kinda gets no choice in the matter!) Woof!

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      1. Lucky you. She let me on the bed only once. Won’t even let me sleep in her room anymore. Says I’m a pain in the butt with my up and down and pacing…


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