Wake Up! I Have To Goooooo…

I awaken (before dawn) to Beaumont sitting by my side of the bed, staring at me. And I mean staring!

Beaumont: Grrrrrr…..

Me: Use your words Beau.

Beau: I’m a dawg. I don’t have words. I have sounds.

Me: Do we have to argue about this right now? I’m sleeping.

Beau: You gotta wake-up.

Me: Why?

Beau: I have to go out.

Me: It’s 4:30 in the morning Beau.

Beau: And I have to go out.

Me: Go ask your dad.

Beau: He’s sleeping.

Me: And I’m not?

Beau: Nope. You’re awake.

Me: Well I was sleeping until you woke me up.

Beau: Can you stop arguing and just get up? Please? I have to goooooo…..

Me: (sighing as I get out of bed) Fine. But you better mean business.

Beau: Of course I do. You think I like going outside at this ghastly hour?

Me: (sigh) I have no idea but I do wish you’d wake your dad and not me.

Beau: He can sleep through my ‘grrring’ in his face.

Me: (sigh) Wish I could.

Beau: No you don’t.

Me: Why not?

Beau: You really have to ask?

Me: Oh. Right. You have to go out for a reason… and that reason…

Beau: Might just be the first thing you step in when you get out of bed if you don’t hurry up.

Me: I’m hurrying.

Beau: Can you hurry a little faster please?

And so it goes. I am always the one Beau wakes up when middle of the night urges can’t wait for morning.

Sigh… If only he could open the door himself.

Beau: Just be thankful I wake you up.

Me: I am Beau. I am…. Now about your saying you don’t have words…

Beau: Sometimes Louise, a Grrrr…. gets your attention faster than words… Know what I mean?

And oh yes I do. A wet nose and beady eyes staring at me combined with a low insistent grrrrrr always gets my attention – no matter how deep into sleep I am!

Though I do wonder some days if C.C. isn’t really fast asleep but just pretending….?! 🙂

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