I Am Not A Christmas Tree.

Beaumont: Louise, can you spell unimpressed?

Me: Of course. Why do you ask?

Beau: Just checkin’. In case you had to look it up.

Me: Why would I have to look it up?

Beau: So you could name the way I’m feeling.

Me: Because you’re sitting amidst the Pointsettas like a Christmas Tree? I think you look very impressive.

Beau: I’m a Sheepadoodle. Louise. Not a Christmas Tree.

Me: I love Christmas Trees!

Beau: Then maybe you should put your PointyWhatevers around it instead.

Me: They’re called Poinsettias Beau. And we haven’t put up our tree yet.

Beau: So… let me get this straight. You haven’t put up the Christmas tree yet so you’re making me the stand in?

Me: Oh Beau. It’s waaay more artsy than that!

Beau: Dawggone it. How is surrounding me with PointyWhatevers on the couch artsy?

Me: You kind of look like a Christmas Card.

Beau: I’d rather you leave me to look like a dawg.

Me: Would you settle for the fact you look like a dawg in a Christmas photo?

Beau: (giving me ‘the look’) What do you think?

Me: You’re unimpressed?

Beau: Good girl. Now go get me a treat. It’s the least you can do for making me your holiday prop.

Me: The poinsettias are the prop Beau. You’re the centrefold for my holiday spread on social media.

Beau: Do I get royalties?

Me: Will you settle for a treat?

Beau: At this point Louise I’ll settle for just about anything if you get these PointyWhatever’s away from me. I read somewhere they’re poisonous for dogs.

Me: Only mildly so. And only if you eat them.

Beau: Seriously? You put PointyWhatevers around me knowing they could kill me?

Me: I think you’re over-reacting just a tad Beau. Remember, only mildly poisonous.

Beau: Bottomline Louise is ‘they’ll make a dawg sick’.

Me: I trust you not to eat the leaves.

Beau: And I trusted you to be a more conscientious hooman.

Me: Fine. I’ll take them away.

Beau: And get me a treat. Right?

Me: Yes Beau… Oh wait! I wanted to get a photo with your Christmas collar. You know, the red and white with all the bells on it.

Beau: Louise….

Me: Pushing it a little?

Beau: A lot.

And so, my plans for a big Beaumont Christmas spread were thwarted. But I still think he looks kind of cute.

Now… I wonder if I can sneak the Christmas bell collar on while he’s not looking….

3 thoughts on “I Am Not A Christmas Tree.

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  1. And a very Merry Christmas to you Beaumont! Looks pretty cool, the overall Christmas theme! And there are at least three more Sundays to go!


  2. Louise, you’re a real and total pushover…. Beaumont is lording over you like a regal dictator. Are you sure he’s not just a cat in disguise? 🙂
    My first thought, seeing that photo, was: Christmas Card! Not 100% wrong, was I?
    We have a male couple of friends in the UK who tell their year’s passing always with their large poodle’s voice – and it’s always the most hilarious Round Robin of them all. Love it!


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