Waiting for…

Me: Beaumont. What are you looking at?

Beau: Not looking at. Watching for.

Me: Oh. There’s a difference?

Beau: Oh you wordsmith you, Louise. Of course there’s a difference.

Me: Ok. I’ll bite. What’s the difference.

Beau: Well… using the phrase “I’ll bite” with a dawg is an example of you looking for trouble.

Me: Haha. Ez my dewg. He doesn’t bite.

Beau: Quoting Inspector Closeau is just another form of your feeble attempts to be funny or rather, is you once again looking for trouble when your joke turns flat and I have to leap in and rescue you by being all cute and funny and charming with our guests. Which is really what I’m watching for.

Me: My joke?

Beau: No. Our guests.

Me: What guests?

Beau: Don’t be cute Louise. It’s Christmas Day. I can smell the turkey roasting which means… guests are on their way! I’m on watch duty so they know how welcome they are when they get here.

Me: Oh. Um. Beau…

Beau: (barely turning his head from looking out the window) Yeah?

Me: There’s still a pandemic running wild all around the world. There are no guests coming.

Beau: What???? Those crazy panda’s are still at it?

Me: (sigh) Pandemic Beau. Not Pandas.

Beau: Panda Schmanda. Who cares what it’s called. What I want to know is… why are you cooking a turkey and getting my expectations up of visitors coming so I can jump all over them and make a fuss when there are no guests coming?

Me: Well… first off. You’re not supposed to jump all over our guests.

Beau: Louise. I only do it because they expect it of me and I know they like it. I’m just a people-pleaser. Know what I mean?

Me: Um… Sure. But I thought I trained you better than that.

Beau: (finally taking his eyes away from the window and falling down to the floor and rolling around laughing) Haha. That’s a good one. Trained me better than that. Better than what? A goldfish?

Me: Beau. You’re a really well-trained dawg. You know that.

Beau: News flash Louise. Only when it suits me.

Me: (sigh) Can we go back to talking about why you’re sitting there watching out the window?

Beau: Sure. If you tell me again why you’re cooking a turkey for two people and a dawg?

Me: I’m not cooking it for you…. Never mind. It’s not just for us. We’ll be divying it up for your sis LiLi and your Uncle Jim and Auntie Jackie and other friends too. And then we’re going to deliver it.

Beau: Hmmmm…. Couldn’t they come and get it so I at least can make a fuss of them when they come to the door?

Me: You can come with us when we make our deliveries Beau.

Beau: Well look at you getting all into the Christmas spirit!

Me: I gotta do what I gotta do Beau. It’s a strange one this year.

Beau: (coming to sit beside me and leaning against my leg – I think it’s for comfort but it could be because I’m making a ham sandwich for his dad and he’s hoping for droppings…) It’s okay Louise. Christmas isn’t a ‘thing’. It’s a feeling. And even without guests and a great big party the spirit of Christmas is alive and well… you’ve got me.

Me: Awwww. Thanks Beau.

Beau: You’re welcome Louise. Now… about that turkey… Who gets the leg bone? (and he looks up into my face, smiles sweetly and hopefully…)

Me: I can’t give you a turkey bone Beau. It’s not good for you.

Beau: But you can give me the meat. Right?

Me: Of course.

Beau: Good. Now that we’ve got that settled I’ll go back to sleep on the sofa. Wake me when the turkey’s done.

And so… the turkey came out of the oven. We parcelled it up and made our deliveries (and pick-ups too as my sister and daughter had made the veggies and potatoes to go with the turkey and our friends U and A offered up Mushroom Soup and herring from their Polish Wigilia of the night before). At each stop, we made sure to keep our distance while Beau (wearing his jingle bell collar) jumped out of the car and raced to the door barking and spinning in circles and making a fusshis own special way of saying, “I Love You! Merry Christmas!(probably also in the hopes of getting treats too – which works btw. Every time.)

When we came home C.C. and I both agreed, it was a different Christmas, memorable in its own special way. And as always, no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in, full of Love and light, comfort and joy. A reflection of the miracle of life that is forever captured in the story of the birth of a child over 2,000 years ago.

But seriously… Did I really promise Beau the turkey leg meat?

Dawggone it! He’s a clever pooch!

Wishing you all Love and Light, Comfort and Joy and a blessed and Healthy New Year.

Much Love,

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  1. Dear Beaumont – good for you to keep a watchful eye for your guests. So glad that you were there, keen eye and all. But alas, “the crazy pandas” thwarted your good intentions of being the official greeter. Consider it practice for next Christmas!
    Hope you got a tasty treat for your efforts! 🍗🍗🍗 (minus the bone of course!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Iwona for looking after my interests. After much sitting and looking (with doleful eyes) at Louise in the kitchen she FINALLY succumbed to my ways and gave me some turkey. YUMMY! 🙂

      And as to those crazy pandas, I do wish they’d go back to the bamboo forest of their dreams and stay put!


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