Let The River Carry You

Hey peeps. It’s me. Beaumont.

Louise is indisposed. And no. That doesn’t mean she’s on the can.

It means…

Well, I’m a dawg. Right. And I’m struggling to understand why she’s crying and unable to type but… what she tells me is this is grief.

Yeah. Grief.

I tell her grief is a river. It flows into the sea of life washing away the pain and leaving only the beauty of the moment.

“I’m swimming upriver,” she tells me and I say, “Turn around and let the river carry you.”

It’s what I do when I’m swimming after the ball. I let the river carry me to it. It’s easier that way. Not as tiring. And anyway, there’s no sense fighting nature.

I also tell her that grief is just one of a gazillion emotions swimming around in her body right now. Why not let one of the others carry her along for awhile.

And she tells me she’s having trouble coping with ‘the news’.

What news I ask?

And she says, about the children and she starts to cry all over again.

And so, I go to sit beside her and press my warm body against hers and let her pet me.

I tell her it’s good for her soul.

I don’t mention it’s good for me too. It’s not always about me. Right?

So, here’s the deal. Sometimes, I gotta let Louise just be where she’s at. She’s hooman after all and doesn’t always remember that these emotions shall pass just as the seasons will turn and the sun will shine and then clouds will block its light and then it will appear again but even when the clouds are covering the sky the sun is still shining behind ’em.

You know… you hoomans are rather funny folk. You forget that even in grief and sad news and the trials and tribulations of being hooman, we dawgs are always here to keep you company, to sit beside you and to lean into… your joy, your sorrow, your happiness, your grief. Like, you don’t have to carry anything alone when you got us with you.

We’re kinda like the river that way. Always running in a sea of unconditional love.

Ok. So enough of the philosophizing. It’s a beautiful day out. I think it’s time I got Louise outta bed so she can get me to the park on time to enjoy this day!

Yup. It’s been all about her long enough. Now… it’s time to get this show back on track and make it all about me!

Your pal in every kind of weather and every kind of sea,

Beaumont the Wonderful.

( Louise always calls me Beaumont the Sheepadoodle but I kinda think Beaumont the Wonderful is a better fit. Right?)


She did write a poem to right out her feelings this morning. You can go read it on her own blog (she did have the energy to write there this morning! Go figure! But hey! I’m not judgin’ All ya’ gotta do is CLICK HERE!

2 thoughts on “Let The River Carry You

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  1. You know what Louise? you’re very fortunate to have Beaumont “the Wonderful” by your side. He will take care of you and make your sorrows go away.
    Last week I underwent a heart procedure and Muffin & Jolie were with me the whole time, taking care of me.
    Dogs are furry angels that God sent to earth to make sure we are fine.
    I hope you feel better soon and everything is ok with your children.
    Take care 💝

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