Sun’s Up!

Me: Beau. Why are you standing there peering down at me?

Beaumont: Sun’s up.

Me: So?

Beau: Why aren’t you?

Me: ‘Cause I want to lie in?

Beau: And what about me?

Me: What about you?

Beau: I have needs…

Me: Go talk to your dad.

Beau: He’s sleeping.

Me: And I wasn’t?

Beau: That’s twice.

Me: Twice what?

Beau: Now it’s three.

Me: Three what?

Beau: You’re doing it again Louise.

Me: Doing what?

Beau: That thing you tell me not to do. Answer a question with a question.

Me: What if I’m just looking for clarification?

Beau: I think you’re looking for a way to stall getting up, out of bed and taking me for a walk.

Me: (sigh) Why don’t you ever wake your dad up early?

Beau: Because he’s really good at ignoring me when I sit on the bed and peer down at him intently and kind of go all huffy with my breathing.

Me: Well… I’m ignoring you now.

Beau: Too late. I know you’re awake.

Me: I’m going back to sleep. Right now.

Beau: I wasn’t born yesterday Louise. I know when you’re faking it.

Me: Seriously Beau. I really need to sleep in this morning.

Beau: And I seriously need to get out to do my business.

Me: (sigh) Fine. But tomorrow, you wake up your dad first.

Beau: Who knows what tomorrow may bring Louise. Today, the sun’s up, there’s a light breeze blowin’ through the trees and the leaves are whispering ” Come walk with me…” Let’s go.

Me: Can I at least put on some clothes? I’m not sure I want to go out walking in my PJs.

Beau: Will you be snappy?

Me: Yes Beau.

Beau: Good. ‘Cause the day’s awaitin’ and my bladder’s a-achin’ and I’m tired of your fakin’… sleep.

Me: Very funny Beau. I’m not sure I’m up to your poetry this early in the morning.

Beau: I’m pretty sure you’re even less up to my makin’ a mess on the floor.

And so I get up and take him for an early morning walk and get dressed… It’s all just part of living with Beaumont the Shee…

Beau: The Magnificent. Right?

Me: Yes Beau. The Magnificent.

Beau: For this morning, you can call me Beau the Poet Dawg. That works too.

Me: So glad it does.

Beau: Louise. Louise. Louise. Your sarcasm is like those vegan dawg treats you try to pass-off as acceptable. They leave an awful aftertaste and are crummy.

Me: Ummmm….. did you make that up?

Beau: What can I say? I’m brilliant.

Me: And humble too.

Beau: There you go with the sarcasm again, Louise. Perhaps it’s time you walk your talk. Or at least, get me out for my morning walk.

Me: (putting on my shoes and grabbing his leash) Yes Beau.

Beau: Good girl.

And so he gets in the last word and I get up and I give up the idea of sleeping in and take him for a walk. Early.

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  1. Well Beaumont, you have choices. Train your bladder to wait a bit longer, don’t drink so much before you go to bed or coax your hoomans to install a “doggie door”. There also is the human facility you could train yourself to use, in an emergency only! Give it some thought, you will figure it out. Or negotiate – one morning / week Louise gets to sleep in and “your Dad” makes the ultimate sacrifice of getting up with you. However, these negotiations are better left to the “hoomans”!
    BTW, you know it is Father’s Day and you should give him some slack, but then Louise is probably exhausted after her most successful art show so she too needs wee lie-in, just saying!

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    1. I let her sleep in until 8:30 today Iwona! She and C.C. stayed up binge watching some series on Prime and didn’t get to bed until 1am! Me…. I was happily curled up on the bed while they were absent… 🙂 Even by 8:45 when Louise and I went out, it was really hot. Fortunately, she let me go in the river, even though I have a new haircut which she says I should not get dirty! ha!


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