Magnificently Magnanimous Beau.

Beaumont: So…. when are you going to get straight with me and tell me about the change in plans Louise?

Me: Oh dear. You heard.

Beau: Hello! I have ears. How could I not have heard. You’re telling the world. Except me of course.

Me: I didn’t want to upset you.

Beau: So… how is not being straight with me not upsetting?

Me: I figured when the time came you’d be ready.

Beau: Ready for you and C.C. to leave me for two weeks?

Me: Well…. ready for a holiday with Taylor and Laura.

Beau: Yeah. Well. That part I get and I dig. But the part about you and C.C. scurrying off without so much as a “Hey bud. Me and your dad are going east and you’re staying here…” Uh. Uh. Bad hooman.

Me: I forgot?

Beau: To tell me?

Me: I was waiting for the right time?

Beau: No time like now Louise.

Me: Well…. go ask your dad.

Beau: He’s sleeping. I’m here. You’re here. Out with it.

Me: Well…. we had planned on taking you along but we have to fly you home as we’re leaving the car in Ontario and we’re worried about you flying and…

Beau: Yeah. Yeah. I get that part. What I don’t get is why you just couldn’t come out and tell me.

Me: I told you. I didn’t want to upset you.

Beau: So instead you upset me with your deceit.

Me: Well… when you put it like that.

Beau: How else should I put it?

Me: Me being thoughtful?

Beau: Louise. Louise. Louise. The only thought that goes into not telling the truth is the one that goes something like… “How do I avoid trouble?”

Me: Isn’t avoiding trouble a good thing?

Beau: Not when the trouble you’re avoiding is all about truth-telling.

Me: Hmmm…. well…. you’ve got a point.

Beau: Of course I do. I’m Beaumont the Magnificent. I know things.

Me: I thought you wanted to be called Beaumont the Majestic.

Beau: I’ve changed my mind. I think Magnificent is more appropriate. Especially, seeing as how I am being magnificently magnanimous by being willing to accept your apology for trying to deceive me.

Me: Well how magnanimous of you.

Beau: That’s me. Magnificently magnanimous.

Me: How do you even know those words Beau?

Beau: When the word fits, I wear it and right now, I think you should stop trying to fill my head with your empty words and fill your mouth instead with words of contrition.

Me: I’m sorry we aren’t taking you with us?

Beau: You’re off the hook on the not taking me with you, Louise. I get that the flying bit is not in my best interests. No. Your apology is for the lies of omission and the trying to deceive me.

Me: Oh. Well… I am sorry Beau. I truly am.

Beau: And…

Me: And…

Beau: Louise… the apology process includes an amends and commitment to do better. And you gotta do better by this here dawg.

Me: Oh. Ok. I apologize Beau for not being straight with you. I commit to truth-telling, even if I think it might upset you. How can I make amends?

Beau: Oh goodie. The amends part. My fav.

Me: I might have known it was. What do you want?

Beau: I want you to promise to bring me something back from Ontario that’s really, really nice. Like none of those ridiculous cow coats or jingle bell collars you got me last time you were making amends. And… hmmm…. I want steak for dinner every night this week before you go.

Me: Beau! C.C. and I don’t even have steak for dinner every night!

Beau: Maybe because I never have to make amends to you?

Me: Haha. Very funny. No. Because it’s too much red meat.

Beau: Louise. I’m a dawg. No such thing as too much red meat.

Me: (sighing) Fine. To make amends I’ll bring you something back from Ontario.

Beau: Something I’ll like.

Me: Something you’ll like.

Beau: And the steak….

Me: I’ll think about it.

Beau: Think fast Louise. There’s only four days before you leave. The cold shoulder could begin now…

Me: Dawggone it Beau. You press a hard bargain.

Beau: Just trying to keep you honest Louise. And as we both know…. that’s not easy an easy task with a hooman.

And so it goes. Life with Beau is always an adventure.

We had planned on taking him to the cottage with us as we’re driving east, but after checking with the airlines, there’s no guarantee he’ll weather the flight home without some discomfort and/or distress. So… we’re leaving him here in the comfort of his home and C.C.’s son and partner are moving in while we’re gone. He’ll have fun — but I must admit I’ll miss having him with us at the lake.

14 thoughts on “Magnificently Magnanimous Beau.

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    1. Thanks Mark! Apparently, according to the Louise, she used to take my predecssor there. Thinks it’s great but apparently…. I’m too ‘precious’ to leave somewhere else, or so she says. Hmmm….. maybe she’s conning me!!!! I’m gonna gotta go check it out myself! HeeeHeeeeHeee. πŸ™‚


  1. Get your thinking cap on Beaumont. What would you like Louise to bring you from the ” Middle Kingdom” aka the “east” for all you Albertans, Ontario for the rest of us? I will start the search ASAP as it is very crucial for Louise to get just the right gift for Beaumont the magnificently magnanimous dawg. Did I get that honorific right?

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    1. Hmmmm….. well Iwona — you are one smart lady so I’m gonna leave it up to you — just make sure Louise has to work really hard to get it for me! πŸ™‚ Tee. Hee. Hee….. Nice honorific — though my mom thought you wrote Horrific. Ha! She is soooo in trouble! πŸ™‚


  2. Ah Beaumont & Louise, this was SO heartwarming, witty, cool and wonderful, I had to read it to Hero Husband (and showing him the pic of The Magnificent Magnanimous Prince of Calgary). HH loved it too.
    So, go with God and leave Beau at home. He will have the best life and he won’t miss you half as much as you’ll miss him. Have a great holiday.
    Love to both (all three) of you, Kiki

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    1. Ooooohhhhh… The Prince of Calgary!! Now that I could grow into Kiki. I gotta make sure Louise takes note of that one ’cause I think it suits me! Say hello to the HH from… The Magnificent Magnanimous Prince of Calgary – yup. definitely a keeper!

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      1. See, I read you like an open book, my prince! Just don’t forget that – in order to merit such a great title like Prince of Calgary, you also have to be willing to bear the responsibility and behaviour of a true prince! Generosity, gentleness, goodwill, being able to overlook the faults and failings of others…. all these attributes maketh the true greatness and mark the greatness of you.
        Good luck and kisses all around.


  3. I’d like to stay up and a have chat Beau, but I must let you know, to put it straight to you, it’s now 1.00am and I am too tired to talked to you, time for my beauty sleep, nite nite Beau .. πŸ₯±πŸ˜΄πŸ˜Œ

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  4. I know it’s hard, Beau. And it’s not coz they don’t love you. It’s rather the opposite, isn’t it? Too bad Louise and CC are not driving back. And they love you, so they don’t want to chance your being unhappy in the plane… Smart of you to bargain, though πŸ˜‰
    Lotsa love to you from Quebec!

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      1. 😁
        And yeah, too bad.
        Last time I drove through the parc, I didn’t know it was the official calling of the wolves time. We were stuck there for over an hour as people howled and waited for the wolves to respond. Wow… I just realised that was the weekend Princess Diana was killed…


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