Fi-Fo — Seriously?

Me: Beaumont. You’re lying on top of your dad.

Beaumont: What? Me? Really?

Me: Yes. Really. You need to get off him.

Beaumont: I think you mean, “my dad is lying under me.” He needs to move.

Me: He was there first.

Beaumont: First in. First out. You know. FI-FO.

Me: Excuse me?

Beaumont: FI-FO. Like in inventory controls. First entry is the head of the queue so the first out. If he was here first, he needs to be the first out.

Me: Seriously? You’re using some inventory control method to rationalize why you don’t need to get off your dad?

Beaumont: You’re the one who said he was here first.

Me: Just get off him. Please?

Beaumont: I’ll think about it. (Pause) I thought about it. He’s not complaining. I think I’ll stay.

And so it goes. Life with Beaumont is always an… adventure – or a wander into the absurd! Just kidding. Life with Beau is like nothing I ever imagined! Constant adventure!

I’m actually still up at Mt. Engadine Lodge and Beau is at home with C.C. I think they’re having too much fun!

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