What about me?

Beaumont: So… Louise…. I don’t get it.

Me: Get what Beau?

Beau: Well… you know how you just spent days and days putting together a desk calendar for your She Dares Boldly series…

Me: Yeeeesss…. (already I know I’m in trouble…)

Beau: Well… I don’t understand why you don’t have a “Beaumont Dares Boldly” calendar.

Me: (pausing… stalling… breathing…) Umm… Well… I…

Beau: See! You don’t have an answer!

Me: That’s true Beau. I don’t.

Beau: So there’s no excuse why you don’t.

Me: I didn’t say that.

Beau: Actually Louise. You didn’t say anything ’cause there’s nothing to say. There’s no excuse.

Me: (thinking fast…) Well Beau. The She Dares Boldly calendar is my art work.

Beau: And what am I?

Me: My dog?

Beau: Dawggone it Louise. Six and a half years into this relationship and all you can think of is to call me ‘your dog’?!!!! That’s offensive.

Me: Oh Beau. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend. It’s just… you are a dog, not my artwork.

Beau: I may be a dawg, but I am as special and unique and creative as your artwork. I think you should do a calendar about me.

Me: Umm…. Can I take it under advisement?

Beau: This isn’t about taking Louise. It’s all about doing. I think you need to do the right thing.

Me: And I suppose the right thing is to create a desk calendar all about you.

Beau: You may be hooman Louise but you do catch on. Maybe not quickly, but later is better than never.

Me: And what happens if I don’t?

Beau: Catch on?

Me: haha. Very funny Beau. No. If I don’t create a calendar all about you.

Beau: Are you really willing to risk finding out?

Me: Oh dear. This is kind of one of those rock and hard places thingies isn’t it.

Beau: Only if you don’t do the right thing.

I sit contemplating that place…. Do she or doesn’t she?

Beau: No such place as “Does she or doesn’t she” on this one Louise. The only appropriate response is, She Dares Boldly.

Me: You know you’re throwing my own words back at me, right?

Beau: Nah. I’m just giving you an opportunity to live your talk and walk it too.

And so … do I or don’t I?

Your thoughts are most welcome! Please!!!!! Help!!!! What do you think about a calendar with photos and quotes from Beaumont the Magnificent?

And for those who haven’t seen it on my Dare Boldly blog — here is the video for the She Dares Boldly Calendar.

5 thoughts on “What about me?

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  1. Wow – carpe diem Beaumont! How about a compromise to begin with. Think of some fantastically thought-provoking statement and then sweet talk Louise into including it with an appropriate portrait of THEE in her 2022 calendar. It is a start. Maybe she can combine you with one of her “Dare Boldly” women. After all, a lot of women have dogs for they make great companions. Carpe diem Beaumont!

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  2. Beau, now you are overdoing it just a bit…. you know that you are a true work of art, that you are the cleverest dog evaaaa and that your strength of arguments is second to none. Why not be the wiser part of you two and just be content in the knowledge of How Important You Are to Louise?! That should do, or does it not?
    Your friend from Switzerland, K


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