Merry Christmas and all that Dawggone Jazz!

From my dawggie heart to yours! Merry Christmas!

From my dawggie heart to yours! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Merry whatever your celebration!

Louise says that a picture speaks a thousand words — but you know me! I always got somethin’ more to add so this holiday season I’m adding a special thank you to all of you, my peeps, who drop in to say hello, who follow along on this here incredible journey I’m on and who commiserate with me when Louise is… well shall we just say less than faithful to writing my story!

But hey! It’s that most wonderful time of the year and she’s busy making cookies and all that jazz.

Apparently they’re hooman fare not dawgie fair… go figure! – I sure do hope she gets her act together and makes some especially for me — heck, I’ll even share them with Wilma and CeZar and Iggie and any other ole’ hound dawg who wants to join in!

Now, right, where was I? Oh yeah. That Louise. Well, she’s a good hooman, know what I mean? She means well and she tries her best and I’m grateful for all she does and how she doesn’t mind bearing the brunt of my sarcasm wit. See what I mean! She tried to call my witty nature sarcastic! She ain’t pullin’ no wool over these dawgie eyes. No sireedawg!

So, what I really want to say is a great big THANK YOU!

You are the best peeps a dawg could have and I am just dawg lickin’ thankful for your hooman nature!

May this holiday season bring you loads of delight, tons of cookies (hint. hint.) and maybe even a bone or two — better yet! You eat the steak. I’ll grab the bones!

Yeah. Now we’re talkin’!

I hope your holidays are full of time spent (safe and healthy) with people you love and that ole’ panda-demon-onium thingie of a virus stays away from your doors so you can enjoy the thing I love the most in this whole wide wonderful world! Time with my hoomans!

Merry Christmas everyone. May your celebration of this sparkly time of year bring you love, light and pure delight.

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and all that Dawggone Jazz!

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  2. Dear Beaumont! Love it how you always manage to “woof” just the right words that convey the bestest of wishes for one and all! If you were here this Christmas I would save you the bones from the prime rib, gift wrapped and all,
    To you and yours, a lovely Merry Christmas. Yes, we need to keep the Covid “pandemonium ” at bay from our doors. We are all doing the right thing, why can’t others see the potential harm they are putting their loved ones in by insisting that travel and going “out and about” is okay. Three jabs does NOT give the green light to throw caution to the wind.
    May 2022 be ushered in with good news, maybe even a miracle may be awaiting in the wings. Oh the wait is agonizingly (is that even a word?!) long.
    Stay safe, stay healthy!


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