Guilty Displeasures

Me: Beau, why are you sitting there in front of those bags of Poutine doggie treats.

Beaumont: I’m making a point.

Me: Dare I ask… what’s your point?

Beau: Yes. You must dare and my point is, you know who brought me these right?

Me: Yes Beau. Your friend Iwona from Ottawa.

Beau: Right. And do you recall when you came back from your latest jaunt out to the coast to see The Littles?

Me: Of course I do! They are just the most precious beings in the world!

Beau: Hmmm… well we’ll get to that statement later. Right now, I’m making a point and my point is, Iwona comes from Ottawa and brings me treats. What did you bring me back from the coast?

Me: Ummm…. Myself?

Beau: And….

Me: And… nothing else?

Beau: Yup. And that’s my point.

Me: Oh. Well… Um….

Beau: Speak up Louise. Use your words or has guilt got your tongue?

Me: The saying goes, “Cat got your tongue.” Beau.

Beau: No cats here Louise. Just your guilt.

Me: You think I should bring you something back every time I go away Beau? You’re not a child you know.

Beau: Has nothing to do with being a child or not, Louise. It has to do with expressing your love and admiration.

Me: But that would be a lot of treats Beau if I have to do it eveytime I go away.

Beau: My point exactly! You go away too often!

Me: Oh…. I see what you did there Beau.

Beau: If you mean I stated the obvious. You are correct.

Me: I mean getting me to say I go away too often.

Beau: Well, if it’s the truth why not state it?

Me: Because truth is relative Beau.

Beau: And if I’m not mistaken, I’m your Beau-son. That makes me your relative and you keep leaving me. Not to mention the fact you leave, forget about posting my blog for a month of Sundays and then take forever to catch up!

Me: I didn’t forget Beau. I’ve just been dealing with a lot of life-stuff.

Beau: Well… If I’m not mistaken Louise, you say ‘writing it out is good for the heart’. So….

Me: (sighing) I get your point Beau.

Beau: Good. Now… what are you going to do about your guilt?

Me: Go buy you a bag of dog treats?

Beau: I think a T-bone steak is more along the lines of what I was thinking. 🙂

Me: (sighing louder) Of course it is.

And so… I’m back and so is Beau…. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Guilty Displeasures

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  1. My dear Beaumont!
    So glad I have a found a way to your heart! Ooh, maybe it is to your taste buds. Do enjoy, will always try to bring some when I come to Calgary. Will even special order if need be.

    Liked by 1 person

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