It is what it is. If only it wasn’t.

Beau: Excuse me Louise. That is not a picture of me and as this is my blog, who said you could put a photo of a deer on it?

Me: I did.

Beau: And who gave you that permission?

Me: I did.

Beau: And what about me?

Me: Well Beau, you gotta admit, he’s rather cute.

Beau: What difference does that make? He’s not me and this is my blog. I decide who gets to appear on it.

Me: Well Beau… that’s not quite true. As the one working the keyboard, I kind of have the final say.

Beau: Under my tutelage.

Me: Ummm…. Well…. if you say so???

Beau: I do say so.

Me: But…

Beau: Keep your ‘but’ out of it Louise. I am the centre of attraction on this here blog.

Me: That’s true Beau, but I’m here on Gabriola Island at your Auntie Annie and Uncle Lee’s house and I’m the one typing and watching the deer outside my window…

Beau: Right. And I’m the one you left at home. Again.

Me: With C.C. Beau. He’s a great companion.

Beau: That’s beside the point Louise.

Me: Oh. There’s a point to this conversation Beau?

Beau: Sarcasm is not your strong suit Louise. And yes, there’s always a point to every conversation.

Me: So pray tell… what’s the point to this one?

Beau: Again with the sarcasm Louise? So not cool.

Me: (with a tinge of sarcasm) Oh dear. So sorry Beau…

Beau: You’re still doing it.

Me: (feigning innocence) Doing what?

Beau: Oh my. That ocean air must have befuddled your mind Louise. You’re really into the sarcasm this morning! Stop it.

Me: Oh my. So sorry Beau. I’ll stop…. Soon.

Beau: Louise. Louise. Louise. It brings me back to my point.

Me: Finally.

Beau: Ahem.

Me: Oh. Sorry.

Beau: Right. Now where was I?

Me: Your point?

Beau: Right. So… There you are, gallivanting around the country again and here I am, left at home. Again. Doesn’t seem fair to me.

Me: Well… I’m not sure fair has anything to do with it Beau. It just is what it is.

Beau: Well what it ‘is’, is unfair.

Me: Oh. I see.

Beau: That’s it? That’s all you’ve got to say? “I see”?

Me: I don’t know what else I can say, Beau. I’m here. You’re there.

Beau: How about, “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

Me: That wouldn’t be true.

Beau: As in, it will happen again?

Me: Yes Beau.

Beau: Well… that’s not reassuring.

Me: Would you rather I lie?
Beau: I’d rather you make the truth something else.

Me: It is what it is.

Beau: Then I’d rather the ‘what it is’ be ‘what it isn’t’.

Me: Life is full of what is’s that we wish weren’t Beau. The secret is to accept what is so we can live in peace.

Beau: You hoomans seem to be doing a pretty poor job of the ‘living in peace’ part these days.

Me: That is so true Beau.

Beau: Perhaps if you were less convinced you could make your what is into someone else’s what is, there’d be more space for everyone’s what is’s to co-exist in peace.

Me: Ummm…. maybe?

Beau: For sure. And btw Louise…

Me: Yes Beau?

Beau: What is true right now is that I accept you’ve shared a photo of a deer outside your window. What I do not accept is that you think it’s okay to do it without my permission.

Me: Can I get retroactive approval?

Beau: As I am Beaumont the Magnanimous and Magnificent, you can. Approval hereby granted.

Me: Thank you Beau.

Beau: You’re welcome. Now… about your being away for another two weeks…

Me: Can we just let that one go for now Beau? Please? I really want to spend time with ‘the Littles’ without worrying about you.

Beau: Hmmm…. Well…. as I am feeling a bit magnanimous right now… Okay. But we’ll have to talk when you get back. Agreed?

Me: Yes Beau.

Maybe he’ll forget by the time I get home… I can only hope…

Beau: Ain’t happenin’ Louise.

Sigh. I fear that’s true.

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