Doin’ that thing you do again!

Me: Beaumont. You’re doing that thing you do again.

Beau: And your point is?

Me: It’s not polite to stick out your tongue.

Beau: And what do you have to say about going away. AGAIN.

Me: You mean visiting The Littles?

Beau: I mean leaving me along. AGAIN.

Me: You’re not alone. C.C. is home with you.

Beau: And where are you?

Me: I know where I am Beau,

Beau: Unfortunately. So do I. AGAIN.

Me: Do you have to yell AGAIN? Again?

Beau: Do you have to go see The Littles? AGAIN?

Me: Beau. This circulare conversation is going around and around and around. Can’t we change it?

Beau: Well Louise. That’s a very good question. However, the fact is, if you keep doing the same thing again and again, what will you get?

Me: Haha Beau. I know what you’re trying to lead me into.

Beau: I’m not leading you anywhere Louise. You’re in Vancouver. I’m here. You’re creating this reality where you keep getting the same outcome again and again and again.

Me: Yes! I do! (smugly. I think I might have won this one! FINALLY!) I get to spend time with you AND I time with The Littles. What could be better than that?

Beau: (sharply. My winning is not on his agenda) If I got to go with you too!

Me: Well we know that’s not happening.

Beau: And so… the prophecy is fulfilled. You keep doing the same thing again and again, expecting a different outcome and in the process, you keep demonstrating how that ole’ saying “you can’t teach an old dawg new tricks’ is really just a reflection of your hooman limited capacity to do something different to create a new, and I might add, better, outcome.

Sigh. And so, no matter how hopeful I was about actually winning one of these conversations, Beaumont once again proves his canine cunning out-thinks my feeble attempts at getting the better of this old’ dawg.

Sigh. Guess I”ll just have to settle for the fact, I’m out at the coast, visiting with my grandchildren. Though I must admit, writing this is easier with a 7-year-old Sheepadoodle than with 2 and 4-year-old grandchildren! Writing time includes throwing a ball, creating a delivery truck, referring a dispute over territory and toy ownership and getting unlimited things for consumption – that don’t really get consumed — out of the fridge!

All good! Time with family (and yes Beau, that includes you even when sometimes, you’re just the photo on the top of my blog not in dawg reality!) is the best!!! I’ll be home next Sunday and we can go for a nice long walk!

Beau: yea. Yea. Yea. Whatever. Though I must clarify Louise. It’s MY blog. I just lend you the space to type in.

Me: Oh right. My bad. YOUR blog.

Gotta go! A 4-year-old needs my help building a lego spaceship.

3 thoughts on “Doin’ that thing you do again!

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  1. Dear Beaumont! You really do have the best of both worlds. When Louise is with you at home in Calgary you are the recipient of her UNDIVIDED attention. Whereas if you were with her in Vancouver visiting the Littles, methinks you will not fare so well.
    This way C.C. and you can do whatever it is you desire and Louise will never be the wiser. You get your mini-vacation, Louise gets to spoil the Littles for that is what Grandmas do, and then she returns and spoils you. Get it? Good! Mini-vacations from loved one are good for they strengthen the bonds when you get back together again. Trust me on this one, been there, done that, shed a husband who really did not care and ended up with a great one.


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