No wet dawgs on the sofa

Me: Beau! You just came back from a walk and playing in the river! Please don’t lie on the couch.

Beaumont: Why not?

Me: Why not? Because I said so! You’re wet!

Beau: Is the couch leather?

Me: What’s that got to do with anything?

Beau: Then it’s made of a hide of an animal. I am an animal. I think it only right I get to lie on something akin to my skin.

Me: Akin to your skin? Seriously Beau. That’s your reasoning?

Beau: Rather poetic don’t you think?

Me: Poetic or not, wet dawgs do not belong on the sofa.

Beau: Is that one of your RULES Louise? ‘Cause if it is, you may as well know it now – I did not sign my paw to that rule and therefore, be it know, I do not agree with said rule and…

Me: Beau! Enough! Please get off the couch.

Beau: When I’m dry.

Sigh… And so it goes. While I may not want a wet dog on the sofa, Beau rules and once again, my rules go out the window.

Beau: Now that’s a great place for your rules Louise!

Sigh. Not only does he always have to win, he always has to get the last word in too!

Beau: Well I am the Top Dawg, ya’ know!

And I stay mute for fear he’ll just keep going and going and going. πŸ™‚

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