The Stick.

Me: Beaumont, must you carry the stick with the point part in your mouth?

Beau: I wouldn’t if be doing it if I had a ball in my mouth.

Me: Regardless, why must you carry the stick?

Beau: Because you didn’t bring my ball.

Me: I didn’t bring your ball Beau because there’s too much snow.

Beau: What’s that got to do with my carrying it?

Me: If I brought your ball you’d lose it.

Beau: Excuse me? I’m not the one who throws it in crooked lines.

Me: Haha. And I’m not the one who can’t find it.

Beau: That’s where you’re wrong Louise.

Me: Haha again. Of course I’m always wrong Beau. This is your blog.

Beau: Whether or not it’s my blog has nothing to do with your being wrong Louise. What’s wrong is your blaming me for your terrible ball throwing which inevitably leads to the ball being lost.

Me: If you watched where I throw it, the ball wouldn’t get lost.

Beau: I do watch the direction where you’re aiming to throw it Louise. It’s the different between your aim and the ball’s trajectory that’s the problem.

Me: Can we just go back to talking about why you’re carrying that stick with the pointy end in your mouth Beau?

Beau: Are you willing to admit it’s not the snow’s fault, nor mine, that the ball gets lost?

Me: Will you stop carrying the stick if I do?

Beau: Will you throw it if I drop it?

Me: Do you remember what happened the last time I threw the stick for you?

Beau: How can I forget? I still carry the bruises!

Me: So do you really want me to throw it?

Beau: Good one Louise! You almost win this one.

Me: Does that mean you’ll drop the stick even if I don’t throw it?

Beau: Sure.

Me: Beau…. Drop the stick.

Beau: (smiling all sweet and innocent) Oh sorry. I was aiming for it to fall out of my mouth and drop to the ground but somehow its trajectory went the opposite and it ended up back in my mouth.

Me: Very funny Beau.

Beau: Why thank you Louise.

Sigh. And so, I do not win that one.

But I sure do wish he’s quit carrying the stick.

Beau: In my own time Louise. My own time.

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