LEASHED! Me and my owie.

Me and My Owie!

So, it’s me. Sans Louise. She’s still sleepin’ or somthin’.

I just had to sneak on and paw my way through this missive ’cause well, I got news folks!

Yup. It’s my dad. This time, he’s going away and not taking me.

I know! Scandawgalous!

He’s off on a boy’s golf trip (I think ‘old-boys’ golf trip might be more appropriate) and he’s going SANS The Beaumeister (that’s my new sobriquet I’m trying on. What d’y’all think? I kinda like it. It’s kinda classy with a certain je ne sais ‘brew-master’ sound to it…)

Doesn’t he know I fetch balls? I carry water? (Ok. Well, it’s in my coat after I run in the river or pond. But I’m willing to spread it around to cool him off with just a shake of my bod!)

Anyway, here I am, wounded an’ all (I know. Can you believe I have to paw my own post today even though I’m injured? Louise says she’s not getting up yet ’cause she and C.C. need to cuddle before he goes. Harrumph. What about me? Don’t I need good ole’ C.C. cuddles and TLC, especially in my wounded state?

I may or may not be trying to pull away… Until I realize it’s Doc Amelia and her pooch of course!

So… here’s what happened. Yesterday, Louise was taking me to visit my bestie, Doc Amelia, at Glamorgan Animal Clinic (they’re real cool there. ‘Cause of the panda’s-running-wild-demic, they even come to the car to get me so Louise doesn’t have to go inside! Ha! If she only knew the stories I tell on her when she’s out of earshot) Doc A even brought her pooch to greet me. We had a real good sniff-in!).

The Big Sniff-In

But anyway, that’s another story, where was I?

Right. Well when Doc Amelia got me out of the car she noticed I was bleeding from my right front leg. Not that Louise saw it or anything. Ha!

She took a look and discovered I’d torn the pad on my right elbow. She patched me up good and gave me the best treats – though did I mention she had to stick a needle in me? Yeah. Apparently I needed a booster shot or something. Harrumph. A beer would have been just fine.

Ooops. I wasn’t supposed to tell you that. About the beer thing. But now that it’s come up…. See, my mom made BBQ beercan chicken and put the tin on the deck to cool off. Well… let’s just say I accidentally (honest it wasn’t on purpose) knocked it over. Well, I ask you… what would you do with brew on the floor?

Yup. I started to lick it up.

Until Louise caught me of course and then she insisted I stop and cleaned it all up. Dang! Caught mid-brew!

So… I’m lobbying for brew instead of treats. It’s not going well but hey! A dawg can always dream. Right?

Wow! This post is kinda all over the place isn’t it? I’m blamin’ it on the medication. Oh wait. I don’t have to take any medication. Doc Amelia caught it before it got infected. She’s that good!

Ok. So, I’m blamin’ it on the fact my dad’s off on an adventure, I’m not allowed to swim in the river and apparently, I have to walk Louise ON LEASH for a few days and now… I’m left at home with just her to amuse me and she won’t give me any more beer.

It really is a dawg’s life.

But… on the bright side, I can sneak up on the bed once she’s asleep and take up my dad’s side and she won’t even notice! Ha! Score one for the Beaumeister!

Well, my paw’s gettin’ weary so I’ll sign off now.

Thanks for being here in my time of need folks. So glad I’ve got a crew like y’all to help keep my spirits lifted (yup — I’m talkin’ about you Kiki) and to help me see the brighter side (like Iwona and Joanne who always shed light on the darker moments!) And to send me treats… (Rod? Where are ya’ man when I need you?) And thanks to all my four-footed friends too for always woofing and mewing in with your support! (You know who you are CeZar. Simon and soooo many others…)

I love hearing from my peeps and pups and even felins so please, keep your salutations coming during my convalescence. You’re the Dawg’s knees of beer! You always lift my spirits and make me feel all bubbly and less brewish inside!

10 thoughts on “LEASHED! Me and my owie.

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  1. Oh my gosh dawg Bernie! So I did. Not that I forgot but well… lucky? Really?

    Ok. Ok. I hear ya. Lucky I am. BTW — do you serve dawgie beer? I’m might be over! 🙂 Oh wait! Louise says you drink Scotch — maybe I’ll just send her your way! She’ll drink that Scottish stuff. Me. I’m English. I like my beer! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my! That was quite the read. What mischief were you up to that caused a tear? Is there anything you need to aid in your recovery (sorry, no brewskis)? So, now you are going to have a Louise all to yourself. Bat those eyelashes a bit more, you may get more spoiled than usual.
    BTW, I am so glad that C.C. is having a golf getaway. Such relaxation is golf, and the after game activities are just icing on the cake. Doing my own golf getaway this Friday, such a beautiful time of the year. Camera comes with me, just in case.
    Take it easy for a few days so you leg heals quickly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honest Iwona. I was just doin’ my normal runnin’ through the trees, chasing the ball! And you’re so right. She looks in my eyes and melts!
      Hope you have a great golf getaway! C.C. says it’s really smoky in Invermere. But then, it’s smokey here too!
      And yea. My leg’s doin’ ok. I ran at the park today. Off Leash. The batting the eyelast thing worked! 🙂


  3. Poor baby; you look so woeful with your nicely bandaged leg…. but you DO complain an awful lot, don’t you? Let daddy go to do his thing and just see how grateful he will be when you’re still here when he’s back – and make good profit of being able sneaking in dad’s bed 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kiki for the sympathy — and yeah, I know. I do complain. Louise says I’m kind of her alter-ego and she doesn’t like to complain so I do it for her. It’s my contribution to making the world a better place — ’cause who wants a complain’ Louise? Right?
      Anyway, it’s so true about the bed thing. Last night, I snuck in after she fell asleep and she didn’t even notice! When she woke up in the morning she was all happy I was there. Like maybe she was missing C.C. and I was a good replacement?
      Btw, I heard from my dad this morning. The skies are really smoky where he’s at but the golf is fun! I told him Louise and I are doing great. I didn’t complain once! 🙂


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