A Dawg In Cat’s Ears.

Dawggone it people. She’s gone and done it now!

You’d a thunk that given she’s laid up with a bad back she’d at least have had the good sense to leave me alone this Hallowe’en.

But nope.

Apparently, the act of dressing me in that silly cow suit she calls my winter coat was too much for her sore back so…


Cat’s ears. With sparkles none-the-less.

I mean seriously! Cat’s ears? Glitter?

I’m not that kind of dawg!

How ignominious.

How ridiculous!

She says I look cute.

Ha! I think she might be stoned. You know. Bad back. Legal marijuana. No pain…

Yeah. You get the picture.

But seriously. A dawg in cat’s ears?


The only saving grace…

There were no trick-or-treaters at the door last night so no one actually saw me in those…. things.

Another saving grace…

My dad bought a GIANT box full of little bags of cheezies.

I like cheezies. Lots.

He likes to share.


And as to those ears…

Well… they don’t taste as good as cheezies but it sure did taste good to eat them up and spit them out! Just sorry my dad had to clean up the mess because Louise can’t bend down right now.


She still got the message.

I am not a dawg in cat’s ears kind of dawg. Period.

4 thoughts on “A Dawg In Cat’s Ears.

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  1. Beaumont! Look at the bright side, at least the cat ears nicely blend into your beautiful natural colouring. Now about those Cheezies. Some “hooman” food are really not good for such a delicate constitution as yours. Come to think of it, they really are not all that good for us hoomans too. But what the heck, they taste yummy.

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