My Good Side

Beaumont: So… what do you think?

Me: About what Beau?

Beau: My photo. Silly.

Me: It’s lovely. I did take it you know.

Beau: Yeah. I know. But I’m wondering whether you got my good profile or if the other side is better.

Me: Ummm.. Does it matter.? You’re handsome either side.

Beau: Well of course you’d say that. You’re my hooman. But what about the dawg’s of the female persuasion at the park? Do you think they’ll dig this photo?

Me: Ummmm… I don’t know. I don’t speak dawg-speak.

Beau: You’re seriously using that as an excuse when you’re sitting here typing my thoughts?

Me: Hmmm… Ok. Well… I understand Beau-speak. Not all dawgs.

Beau: You know Louise. I think you are selling yourself short. Of course you speak dawg-speak. It’s just like any language. You just have to listen with your whole-being to the whole being of the one you’re listening to. Not just the words. Or sounds as the case may be.

Me: So… you’re saying dawg-speak is like hooman-speak. 7% verbal 93% body, tone, actions, inflections, expressions/non-verbal?

Beau: Well… it may be more like 4%/96%. Have you ever watched me and my friends at the park greet each other? We don’t say a lot. We just put our whole bodies into the experience.

Me: Hmmm…. I hadn’t thought about that.

Beau: You know Louise. Hoomans could learn a lot from us dawgs.

Me: What do you mean Beau?

Beau: Well… Like speak less. Watch and listen more.

Me: Good advice my friend.

Beau: Did you expect anything else?

Me: (sheepishly) Well, now that you mention it… No.

Beau: Good. Now. What about that profile photo? I think we need a better angle.


Personally… I think Beau looks wonderful from every side. But then… I may be a little biased.

And… as I’m in an online art course all day, this conversation was transcribed really quickly this morning as I need to get down to my studio.

Please don’t tell Beau I was rushing it…

Beau: I heard that!

Sigh…. too late. Oh well. At least, you, his fans, won’t be on my case for not posting! Right!?!

3 thoughts on “My Good Side

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  1. Beaumont, perfect shot for your model’s portfolio. It certainly will garner some contract interest for you. Now, you know the photographer (LG) gets a cut, as does your agent and advisor (moi, BTW).


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