He Ain’t Heavy

Me: Beaumont. You’re doing it again.

Beau: What’s that?

Me You know what that is.

Beau: Louise. If I knew what that is I wouldn’t ask what that is.

Me: (sigh) Lying on top of me.

Beau: Oh that.

Me: Yes. Beau. That. And see, you did know what it was.

Beau: Well actually Louise. I didn’t know what that was until you told me what that was which is when I got to say, “Oh that.” because that’s when I knew what that is.

Me: (sighing some more) Please. Can we just have a straight forward conversation without all the thating and whating what is?

Beau: Hey! You started it!

Me: No I…. stopping as I realize what he’s doing) Anyway. Now that we’ve stopped the nonsense, can you please get off me so I can get out of bed.

Beau: I’m comfortable.

Me: I’m not.

Beau: Then move.

Me: That’s my point. I can’t. You’re on top of me.

Beau: You’re always talking about how important it is to be creative Louise. Why don’t you just slide out from under me?

Me: Because you’re heavy.

Beau: Heaviness didn’t seem to bother the Hollies and their brother. Why does it bother you?

Me: (sighing big time) Maybe because the brother wasn’t lying on top of them?

Beau: I think he was ’cause they sang “No burden is he to bear.” Why you treating me like a burden?

Me: (sighing big time again) I’m not.

Beau: Didn’t you just say I’m heavy?

Me: (sighing. sighing. sighing.) Can we just move on to where you get off of me and we go to the park?

Beau: The park? That’s why you want me to move? Why didn’t you just say so.

Me: I just did.

Beau: Took you long enough.

And so it goes. Beau gets off of me. I get up and he dawg’s my every footstep until we go out the door to the park.

Beau: You know Louise, I was a little worrid you might be thinkin’ you’re gettin’ too old for these romps in the park.

Me: Of course not Beau. I love going to the park with you.

Beau: Yeah. and I love going with you. But just so you know. even if the road is long with many a winding turn, you ain’t heavy. You’re my hooman….

Sigh… he really does always have to get in the last word.

Beau: Song Louise. Song.


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  1. Hi Beau… woof, woof, I don’t lay on top of my guy … I sleep beside him, until he starts snoring too much … and then I sleep in my doggie bed until the morning .. when I jump back on his bed and lick his face to wake him, so he can get my brekkie and let me out for an run in his ‘little’ courtyard… Woof, woof …🐢😎🌞


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