DawgOn’ Lovin’

Beaumont: You know Louise, you have been letting all my fans down with your inconsistent posting of my brilliance here on my blog.

Me: (sighing) Yes Beau. I know. But I…/

Beau: (interrupting) Remember what you always tell me Louise… Keep your butt out of it!

Me: (Sighing. Again) Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But…/

Beau: Ahem.

Me: Right. So, here’s the deal Beau. We’ve been writing this here blog since September 15, 2018! That means we’ve shared 176 posts full of your…. (pause while I think of the ‘right’ word) brilliance and I’m a teeny bit weary of having to translate dawgspeak into hoomanspeak every Sunday. Know what I mean?

Beau: No I don’t know what you mean Louise. I mean I have spent almost 8 years trying to translate yourspeak into myspeak and you don’t hear me say I’m weary of you now do you? So… how can you be weary of my fans?

Louise: Beau! I didn’t say I was weary of your fans. Stop putting words into my mouth!

Beau: You mean stop doing what you do? Putting words in my mouth?

Me: I don’t put words into your mouth, Beau. I translate your thoughts into words for your fans.

Beau: Right you are! That is what you do so I think you should keep doing it.

Me: Umm… Did you just turn my words around?

Beau: (smiling innocently) Who me? Of course not. I just agreed with what you said. “You translate my thoughts into words for my fans. My fans count on you. You can’t let them down.

Me: But…

Beau: Enough with the buts Louise. You made a commitment on September 15, 2018 and now you want to break it?

Me: No. I would like to renegotiate it though.

Beau: How so?

Me: Well…. how about we write here every second Sunday instead of every Sunday?

Beau: Hmmmm…… How about on the Sundays we don’t post, you share a photo of me so my fans don’t forget what I look like!

Me: Ok. I can commit to that.

Beau: Oh good. ‘Cause you also need to commit to sharing a quote with the photo — you know one of my brilliant dawg-insights on living life to the fullest?

Me: (sighing. How can I say no when he bats his eyelids so beguilingly?) Ok. Beau. Deal.

So. There you have it. Beau and I have negotiated a new standard for his blog. We do so hope you still come and visit and follow along and share your thoughts and just give him a whole bunch of DawgOn Lovin’ – ’cause I apparently don’t give him enough!

Beau: Dawg-insight No. 1 Louise —

When hoomans love on a dawg, they receive way more than they give ’cause DawgOn Lovin’ is dawgon’ good for what ails the hooman spirit.

Beaumont the Sheepadoodle

Beau: (smiling sweetly) And you know Louise, if you give me a bit of DawgOn’ Lovin’ you won’t feel quite so weary.

Sigh. Why is he always right?

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  1. Beau, quite the negotiator you are. Looking forward to some interesting photos. You know, a picture is worth a 1000 words. You may be the winner after all.

    Liked by 1 person

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