It’s pure magic.

Beau: So…. tell me again why you had to go away without me?

Me: Because I couldn’t leave C.C. alone without you?

Beau: Is that a question or is that really your answer?

Me: Both?

Beau: You’re trying to be cute. Right?

Me: It works for you.

Beau: Yeah. Well I just naturally am. Cute that is. You, Louise… well… let’s just say your cuteness needs a lot of work.

Me: How about if I try to look repentant?

Beau: Only if you stop trying and actually do it.

Me: Gosh Beau. I am. I truly am!

Beau: Ha! There you go trying to look cute and forgetting all about looking repentant.

Me: Oh dear. Silly me. I forgot.

Beau: Silly you indeed. Like, you just sort of forgot to take me with you to visit The Littles.

Me: I didn’t forget Beau. It just isn’t feasible to fly you with me. I don’t want to risk putting you in a cargo hold in the winter

Beau: You could just buy me my own seat.

Me: Ummm… I don’t think they allow that Beau.

Beau: You don’t think or you’re just making it up to get out of taking me with you?

Me: Seriously Beau. It’s for your own good I don’t take you. The Little’s household is so busy you would feel overwhelmed by it all

Beau: Why don’t you let me be the one who determines what overwhelms me?

Me: Because you’re a dawg?

Beau: Who talks and writes.

Me: Yes. Well… about that….

Beau: What about it Louise?

Me: Well… You know it’s me doing the typing, right?

Beau: That’s only because my paws are too big to fit on the keys.

Me: Actually Beau…

Beau: Actually Louise…. because, if this is one of your “Santa isn’t real” kind of talks we got a big problem.

Me: We do?

Beau: Yes Louise. We do. I believe in magic. Santa is magic and so is my typing here.

Me: How’s that?

Beau: Does it bring joy to all the hoomans who come and read my stories?

Me: I believe so. Yes.

Beau: Then I rest my case. Your argument is futile. You shoulda taken me with you.

Me: Huh? How does one relate to the other?

Beau: Pure magic Louise. Like the joy I bring to all the boys and girls. Pure magic.

And so, I concede. Again. I shoulda taken him with me — but the fact is, I know he’s much happier at home with his dad, lying on the bed, eating doggie bonbons, and watching ‘guy’ flicks.

Beau: I miss you when you’re not here Louise.

Me: I miss you too, Beau.

Beau: Ok. You’re forgiven. Now, about those doggie bonbons. I think my forgiveness should come with a few extra. Don’t you agree?

Sigh. How can I not agree? He presses a hard bargain.

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  1. I must say Beaumont looks extremely handsome in his Christmas photo – he drives a hard bargain with his wit and charming personality making it very difficult not to give in- gotta give him credit – he’s a force to be reckoned with.❀️❀️❀️

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