Why so Serious?

Beaumont: Louise, I’m worried about you.

Me: Why’s that Beau?

Beau: Well that’s pretty obvious isn’t it?

Me: Not to me Beau. I’m not a mind reader.

Beau: Seriously? You’re going to use that lame argument?

Me: Why is it lame? I’m just stating a fact.

Beau: So if that’s a fact, how is it you manage to transcribe these conversations with me?

Me: Oh that. Well that’s different.

Beau: How so?

Me: You are me… We’re on the same wavelength.

Beau: You think so. Then if that’s the case, why don’t you know why I’m worried about you.

Me: Oh. Well… I… Um….

Beau: What’s the matter Louise. Cat got your tongue? Speaking of which, why is that feline she vixen still here.

Me: Because I offered to have her stay a few extra days to get a break from “The Puppy”.

Beau: And what about me getting a break from that feline she vixen?

Me: Oh Beau. Don’t be silly. She doesn’t bother you.

Beau: Whaaaatttt????? You think getting a paw, claws extended swiped at my nose every time I walk by her doesn’t bother me?

Me: She doesn’t make contact Beau. She’s just showing you she cares.

Beau: Yeah. About taking over my space.

Me: Beau. You take up 10x more space than she does. Give a little. It’s Christmas.

Beau: Where feline she vixens are concerned I can only say, “Bah Humbug!” to that!

Me: Where’s your Christmas spirit.

Beau: I’ve been too worried about you Louise to get much into the spirit of the season. Know what I mean?

Me: That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you Beau. I don’t know what you mean.

Beau: Still with the same rational. (sighing) Let me spell it out for you Louise. You’re taking yourself way too seriously.

Me: Am not!

Beau: Are too!

Me: Not true.

Beau: Is too.

Me: (big sighs) Ok. Ok. Stop it. You win.

Beau: Good. So you’re ready to admit you’ve been taking yourself so seriously you’ve forgotten to have fun!

Me: I have fun in my studio and I’ve been spending a lot of time there since I’ve been back from visiting the Littles.

Beau: Did you throw in your visit just to throw me of the scent of the serious nature of this conversation?

Me: Who me?

Beau: Somehow I think you’ve got the roles reversed here Louise. I’m the one who’s sweet and beguiling. You’re the not-so-urbane, articulate, balanced one.

Me: Haha! Gotcha! I was just having a little fun. Like you told me to.

Beau: See! There you go confusing our roles Louise. I’m saucy. And I always win. Which means, I’m going to have to bring this conversation to an end because as we both know…. I always get the last word! So here is my last words…

Merry Christmas everyone!

Me: That’s three words Beau.

Beau: Hey! Remember, I’m the star of this blog. If I choose more than one word, I have the agency to declare it’s OK. Which is why I am now continuing my wishes to include everyone!….

In the spirit of the season, whatever your celebration, may it be full of good friends, good food, good times and LAUGHTER!

May we all know peace on earth.

Feline she vixens included.

And I say, What Beau said. That’s my wish too!

Beau: Which means… I got the last word!

Sigh. And so it continues…

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