Are you gone already?

Beaumont:  So. Can I just say something?

Me:  Is it nice?

Beaumont:  Ha! Like I’m never not nice. Though I would suggest it’s not nice of you to even ask the question.

Me:  Fine. I apologize. What did you want to say?

Beaumont:  So I understand you’re off to Mexico for two weeks.

Me:  Yup!  I’m so excited.

Beaumont:  What about me?

Me:  Are you excited too?

Beaumont:  Don’t be obtuse.

Me:    Sorry. Must be holiday mind. Ok. I bite. What about you?

Beaumont:  I don’t see you packing a swimsuit for me.

Me  Um… Well, you don’t wear swimsuits. Remember?

Beaumont:  So I am coming with you?

Me:  Well… No. You’re not.

Beaumont:  Then I repeat. What about me?

Me: You’re going to have a vacation at Uncle Al and Auntie Jane’s.

Beaumont:  Oh well.  Have a nice trip.

Me:  I’ll miss you.

Beaumont:  I won’t miss you.

Me:  Beau…. Be nice.

Beaumont:  I’m just being honest. Two weeks with Uncle Al and Auntie Jane! What could be better?

Me:  Fine. See you in two weeks.

Beaumont:  Yah. Yah.  How soon are you going? Like now maybe? I gotta get me some Al and Jane lovin’.

We are in Mexico for two weeks. We’ve rented an exquisite house on the beach in Todos Santos to spend time with family (time with my grandson!) and then a week for C.C. and me in Huatulco.  

Beaumont is quite happy. he’s getting spoiled with our dear friends Al and Jane. Hard to imagine but he may be even more incorrigible when we come home!

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