I Always Get My Way

Me: Beau. If you get off me I’ll get up and we can go out for your walkie.

Beaumont: It’s Sunday Louise. Can’t we sleep in just a bit? Please?

Me: You gotta go, Beau.

Beau: Where?

Me: Very funny. Outside. To do your business.

Beau: What business?

Me: Don’t be indelicate.

Beau: I’m not. But you hoomans like to be so obtuse sometimes, I’m not always sure what business you mean.

Me: Fine. Your bodily business.

Beau: Oh right. And that is so much clearer.

Me: Whatever it is, you’re lying on top of me and I can’t get up to take you outside until you get off of me.

Beau: Think about it Louise. I’m lying on top of you. You can’t get up. Maybe… we’re not going anywhere

Me: Not getting up is not an option where your business is concerned Beau.

Beau: Is that a double negative?

Me: It’s a double reason for you to get off me. I need to go too.

Beau: Now who’s being indelicate?

Me: If you get off me I’ll get up and give you a treat.

Beau: Before our walk?

Me: Have it your way.

Beau: I always do.

Alas, it is true! He does.

Eventually, in his own time, Beau got off me and we went for a lovely walk in the Bowmont Natural Reserve which is just up the hill from our house. The Reserve stretches out along the river for miles and miles. This morning, we watched the geese strut and frolic on a gravel bar and two coyote lope along the distant shore and the sun’s morning light creep across the sky behind us as it stretched from east to west.

Business done, we’re home again. I am sipping my coffee and Beau is lying on the chaise beside my desk. Life is good.

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  1. aaaaaawh – just makes me want a dog even more. Although, our main problem still is and will be, that we like to travel, even though it only might be within Switzerland – and very few places accept taking on dogs.
    I don’t know – maybe I’ll have to be content being able to get my paws on a dog just for some walks or hols. It does seem however in our patch of habitations that the dogs already have 1 or 2 minders – that spoiled lot!

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    1. It was one of our concerns too Kiki — but the joy of Beau is too great not to experience and so… we rely on family and friends to mind him when we’re away (though that’s not a challenge these days) — one nice thing.. our guest room sits on the lower level and its windows overlook the river — always enticing for those who come to stay! 🙂 Maybe when things ‘right’ themselves, you’ll just have to come for a visit and spend time with Beau! 🙂

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      1. Oh Louise, wouldn’t I want to do just that? I’ve been contemplating being a part-time parent for dogs in the area but it seems, others had that same idea before me too. And e only moved right before the pandemic back to Switzerland….. I thought that by autumn I’d have my dog but it sure doesn’t look like it!

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