Say it. Prove it.

Beaumont: So… it’s about time you got back to my blog Louise.

Me: I was away.

Beau: That was the Sunday before last. What happened last week?

Me: I forgot???

Beau: That’s your excuse? You forgot all about me?

Me: No Beau. I didn’t forget about you! I would never do that.

Beau: Ya coulda’ fooled me! I think you forget about me a lot. Look at what happens when you go away.

Me: I don’t forget about you when I go away Beau. It’s just I’m not here.

Beau: No kidding. Aren’t you the master of the understatement. You seem to be ‘not here’ a lot!

Me: Well…. I do need to see ‘The Littles’ as often as I can Beau. They are growing up so fast.

Beau: And I’m not? If you think about it. I’m growing up faster. 7 years to their one.

Me: Oh well. True. But you pretty well know all your tricks by now Beau. Not that you have many tricks.

Beau: And whose fault would that be?

Me: That you don’t know many tricks? I’m sure it’s your dad’s fault.

Beau: Ha! A poor workman always blames his tools.

Me: Are you calling C.C. a tool Beau? That’s not very nice.

Beau: And it’s even less nice to be so obtuse. I am not calling the one who does not go away as often as you do anything but loyal. So there.

Me: I told you. I want to see The Littles as often as I can.

Beau: Well maybe you should take me with you. That way, you can see them and have me with you and maybe… just maybe… you won’t forget about my blog.

Me: (sigh) Would it help if I said I’m sorry?

Beau: Only if you’re sincere.

Me: Of course I’m sincere Beau!

Beau: Say it.

Me: Fine… I am sorry for forgetting to post your blog last week.

Beau: Prove it.

Me Oh dear. What do you want?

Beau: Seeing as you have to apologize to me a lot Louise, I’d think you know what I want.

Me: Filet Mignon?

Beau: Nah… A T-Bone steak. I like to chew on the bone when I’m done the meat. It give me the added pleasure of getting a real good chew on your apology not to mention draining every last little juicy bit out of it.

Louise: You really do have a way with words Beau.

Beau: As if you’d know, you who forgets to post my blog.

Me: Oh dear. You’re not about to forgive me are you?

Beau: It’s not about me, Louise. It’s about my fans. You let a lot of people down when you forget. Why, Uncle Jim’s friend George counts on my being here every Sunday and Rod and Kerri…. and so many others. You really let them down.

Me: (sighing again) Okay. Okay. Enough with the guilt trip. I apologize.

Beau: And I’m still waiting for my T-bone steak.

Me: (big sigh) Fine. One T-bone comin’ right up. But you have to promise to let it go Beau. I don’t wear guilt well.

Beau: I’m surprised. You’re so practiced at doing things that leave you open to guilt trips… (and he smiles sweetly as only Beau can do when he knows he’s made a point I cannot refute.)

Sigh. It really is unfortunate he’s such a wise dawg. I’d get away with so much more if he was just a little less clever!

Beau: I’m surprised you think you could get away with anything with me around Louise.

Me: A girl can dream Beau. A girl can dream.

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  1. I DO think he’s stroking his own ego a bit too much. He IS a fine dog but don’t push your luck too much, Buster! If you are as wise as you always imply, you should know when to stop pestering your maid Louise. A T-bone steak, come on, from me you’d get 2 or 3 ounces of minced meat 🙂


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