What’s Age Got To Do With It?

Beaumont: I think this is my good side. What do you think?

Me: I don’t think you have a bad side, Beau.

Beau: Nice response Louise. But that’s not what you said the other day.

Me: Oh. What did I say the other day?

Beau: You said, I’m getting old.

Me: I think it was about maturing Beau. I think what I said was you’re becoming a much more mature dog.

Beau: You said, I’m almost 7 and in human years that makes me 49 and that’s getting old.

Me: I don’t think I meant that.

Beau: That’s what you said. So what did you mean?

Me: I meant…. ummm…. I’m not sure.

Beau: Well that’s no surprise.

Me: Don’t be sarcastic Beau.

Beau: (smiling ever so sweetly) I’m not being sarcastic Louise. I’m being real. You not knowing what you mean is no surprise.

Me: (sighing) I disagree.

Beau: About what? You not knowing or the fact it’s no surprise?

Me: Ummm…. I’m not sure.

Beau: And I rest my case. Now, can we get back to the issue of you calling me old?

Me: I didn’t call you old.

Beau: Then why do you talk about my age?

Me: Ummmm… Because…. oh dear. I don’t know.

Beau: (smiling sweetly again) See…. exactly what I mean.

Me: Well… you are getting older Beau.

Beau: As are you Louise but do you hear me talking about your age? Do you hear me telling people you’re maturing or that you run really well for an old gal? Or that you’ve still got all your teeth or…

Me: Enough! Stop. I get it!

Beau: What is it you get Louise? And be specific.

Me: Okay. Fine. I ummm…. I….

Beau: Use your words. You can do it.

Me: Okay. Okay. I get that talking about your age as if it’s a ‘thing’ hurts your feelings…

Beau: It doesn’t hurt my feelings, Louise. It just confuses me. What does age have to do with who I am? I’m your best friend. Your faithful companion. Your walking buddy and the one who brings you great joy. Does any of that change as I… as you call it…. mature?

Me: Um… No…. But….

Beau: Louise. Keep your but out of it. What changes in our relationship as you get older isn’t about my maturity because our relationship isn’t based on our age. It’s all about simply being willing to be present together, at the park, on our walks, when we hang out. Everywhere.

Louise: Oh. Good point.

Beau: Points. Louise. Good points. I made several.

Louise: Yes you did Beau. Yes, you did.

Beau: (smiling sweetly again) So… get off the age thing and just get present in the present. Okay.

Louise: Got it.

Beau: Oh. And by the way Louise. I think you might want to start calling me, “Wise Elder”. Know what I mean?

And he offers me a big grin.

Me: You’re being cheeky right?

Beau: Am I ever not?

Sigh. He is so right. And always cheeky.

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