Wise To Your Hooman Ways

Beau: You know Louise, you hoomans are strange beings.

Me: How’s that Beau?

Beau: Well, for example, you use January 1 as an excuse to begin doing the things you tell yourself all year long that you should be doing all the time and then promptly stop doing whatever it is you began at the beginning of the new year. I mean seriously, if you think you need to start doing something or change what you’re doing, why not begin now?

Me: Ummm…. because we’re hooman?

Beau: My point exactly.

Me: Yes, but, we can’t be anything or anyone other than who we are now can we Beau?

Beau: And that’s what I’m trying to say. You spend your time thinking about ways to change, to become or do something different and in the process, you don’t dive into being all you are, exactly as you are, right now.

Me: Oh my. Those are pretty heady thoughts for this beautiful sunny Sunday morning Beau.

Beau: See. That’s the other thing about you hoomans. You gotta label everything. They’re just thoughts Louise. Not heady. Not dirty. Not messy. Or confusing or deep. Just thoughts.

Me: Oh. Right… So…. what brought all this on Beau?

Beau: Watching you at the park.

Me: Ha! You seldom watch or even listen to me at the park Beau!

Beau: Sarcasm does not become you Louise. Especially as you’re not particularly good at it.

Me: (with attitude) Fine. So how did watching me at the park release all these deep, strike that, all these thoughts Beau?

Beau: Watching you watch those three eagles.

Me: They were beautiful!

Beau: Yes. They were. But… you spent all your time trying to take a picture of them and weren’t present to the experience of their full majesty in flight.

Me: But I wanted to capture their flight!

Beau: And in the process lost the opportunity to simply be present within the profound, mystical and unfathomable experience of being fully alive in their flight in the moment.

Me: Ummm….. Ok. So have you been sneaking peeks into my journal Beau?

Beau: No need to sneak Louise. I just do.

Me: Ok. So in your doing, which I believe includes sneaking peeks into my journal, what does any of this have to do with New Year’s?

Beau: Details. Details, Louise. But, let me elucidate.

Me: Wow. That’s a big word for a dawg.

Beau: Big dawg. Big words. Know what I mean?

Me: Actually Beau, I don’t.

Beau: Well, you are just hooman Louise. Which is why we’re having this conversation.

Me: Is it? Really. Why we’re having this conversation? Or is just an opportunity to show-off how smart you are.

Beau: See. There you go judging and labelling. There is no question about how smart I am which means there’s no need, as you so crassly put it, for me to ‘show-off’. There is only what is true in this moment. And the truth is, you spend a lot of time wondering, fixating, thinking, worrying about who you are and what you’re doing, or not doing in an attempt to become your best self, rather than focussing on savouring the ever-evolving process of being exactly who you are in this moment; a stunning, alive and fascinating work of art, constantly in creation of living it up fully alive in this moment right now.

Me: You know I’m going to have to think on what you just said right?

Beau: And I rest my case Louise. Rather than choose to live the truth of who you are, you’re falling into your old habit of having to think about who you want to be. Sooooo hooman.

Me: But that’s who I am!

Beau: No Louise. That’s how you choose to be. You have the power to say, “I can be complete within all that is right now and choose to let go of wanting it or me to be something else.

Me: Dang. We’re back to the ‘It is what it is’?! I thought we were done with that conversation!

Beau: Not until you’re done wanting it to be something else.

Sigh. And so, I resign myself to living with a smart-alecky Sheepadoodle who thinks he knows all about being hooman and let go of wishing he was/it is something else!

Beau: You know Louise it could be different if you just choose to accept that I am wise to your hooman ways.

Ahhh…. if it were just that easy. Oh dear. Maybe it is!

Beau: (smiling beatifically) It is Louise. It is…. By the way… Did you get any good photos of those eagles?

Me: Haha. Very funny. You know I didn’t Beau.

And he smiles again and says nothing. But I can hear him, loud and clear.

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