Beaumont: Remind me again Louise why you’re mad at me?

Me: I’m not mad at you Beau. I’m just annoyed you got a ticket.

Beau: Actually, Louise. You got the ticket.

Me: Excuse me. I wasn’t even home.

Beau: Whose name is on the ticket?

Me: That’s beside the point. I repeat. I wasn’t here.

Beau: Right. You were off galavanting, playing with The Littles leaving me and my C.C. alone to fend for ourselves.

Me: No matter what I was doing, I wasn’t here when you got the ticket.

Beau: And I repeat. It’s your name on the ticket.

Me: Fine. Whatever. Can you please explain why you had to chase someone down the street?

Beau: I thought they wanted to play! Heck. All I did was run out of the house when C.C. let me out. I happened to see them on the street and ran out to greet them. No my fault they screamed and started running away. I thought it was a game of chase!

Me: (sigh) You can’t chase people Beau.

Beau: I wasn’t chasing them. I thought they wanted to play. Anyway. What were they doing skulking around my turf late at night, in the dark? Heck Louise. We live on a cul de sac in a semi-gated community that says, “Residents and Guests Only” right at the entrance. If they don’t live here, what were they doing here?

Me: (sighing, again) I don’t know Beau. You chased them off before they could explain.

Beau: I told you. I wasn’t chasing them.

Me: Unfortunately, that’s not how ByLaw sees it and, unless I go to court to fight it, you have a record and I have a $250 fine to pay.

Beau: Then let’s go to court!

Me: You’re not allowed in court Beau.

Beau: Then let’s take on the system Louise! Let’s dawg the barricades and rebel against the hypocrisy of a system that doesn’t give a dawg his day in court!

Me: I think I’d rather pay the fine Beau and just keep you on a leash.

Beau: Pussy cat! This is how revolutions are lost. When good people do nothing to correct the wrongs that create inequality for those who have no voice.

Me: Ummm. Can you come down off your barricades please so we can go for a walk?

Beau: Did you say walk? Let’s go! What are you waiting for?

Me: What about the revolution?

Beau: It can wait. I wanna go romp off-leash in the park!

And so off we go to the park, the revolution forestalled.

Thing is, whether I pay the ticket, or go fight it in court, Beau will still have a record.

I don’t blame the person for running — even if he is the most friendly dog in the work, having him run up to you late at night can be scary… though I do wonder what they were doing on our street in the dark…

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      1. Oh my! If Beaumont needs a character reference I am willing to fly in from the Middle Kingdom to attest to his fine character, warm and cuddly hugs, and cheerful disposition.

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