Can’t buy me love.

Hey, fans! It’s me. Sir Beaumont of Sheepadoodle – Louise says that’s not a place, but what does she know?

What I know is… she’s off again to see The Littles, leaving me with C.C. and… that vixen feline shecat Zoey as well as that ‘little’ Martha, the Labradoodle.

Apparently, she thinks I’ll be lonely and need extra company. Ha! Hasn’t she heard of 2s company, 3s a crowd and 4? Well that’s just not acceptable.

If she just stayed home I wouldn’t be lonely.

Anyway, apparently, next week she may not be posting my blog so I thought I’d better sneak on here by myself and let you know — and ask you to please hound her to get accountable!

I mean really. It’s called SUNDAYS with BEAUMONT – not Sundays with Beaumont when Louise feels like it, or Sundays without Beaumont if Louise is away.

Dang. This not being able to turn on a laptop by myself because my paws are too big is a real hassle. As it is, I had to concentrate real hard to get that ole’ telekindogsis to make the words appear on the screen.

But don’t tell Louise, okay? She might not leave me unsupervised with her laptop open if you let her know I’m capable of telekindogsis. But why she wouldn’t know is beyond me, I mean like I’m a supah-dawg right! Oh well, she is only a hooman after all.

But here’s the furry. I need you fanfolk! I really, really do. You my peeps. You the gristle to my bones. The slobber to my kisses. The…. hmmmm… none of that sounds too appetizing does it?

Okay. Well, you get the gist.

Let’s hound Louise and remind her of her responsibilities. Please! 🙂


One thought on “Can’t buy me love.

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  1. No Beaumont I am not going to “hound” Louise for leaving you with C.C. and company for the sole purpose of visiting the Littles.
    You need to take a different perspective. She is going to be home with you during Christmas and New Year’s. So to make it up to the Littles for not being in Vancouver with them during the Joyous Season she is going to spend quality time now. I think that is fair. The Littles get to see her at the beginning of the Joyous Season. They will make cookies, go for walks and have quality time together with no fuss and muss. Whereas you get the “tail” end of the deal, the one with all the dinners, guests, cocktails and gifts pour toi, loads of attention too. 😉


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