Happy Father’s Day Dudes!

So…. Louise is sequestered away in her studio working on some top secret project. I’m not even allowed in! Go figure. Does she think I can’t be trusted with a secret? Like… I’d spill the beans here or sumthin’? Geez Louise!

I mean seriously. If any beans are getting spilled here it’d be by the one doing the typing! Know what I mean?

Yeah. You do.

So anyway, in the midst of her top secret projecting, she does at least remember to get me to the park.

So…. as spreading joy and laughter is my number one priority, I thought I’d share this video she took of me this morning at the park.

I mean… I had to beeeegggg her to take it so you, my loyal and trusted and oh so appreciated fans, would have something to create joy in your day today.

And… so that I could at least jump in and wish my dad, C.C., and all you fine dudes out there a very Happy Father’s Day!

Live it up a lot. Dance a little even (Louise typed that not me!) Kick back. Relax a lot and whatever you do…. don’t mow the lawn or wash the car or paint the house.

All that drudgery will be awaitin’ on a day that’s not celebrating you dads!

So whether you’re a fur dad, a people dad or just a dude who has a dad or likes dads of every genre, fur and persuasion… Happy Father’s Day from me! 🙂

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