Gratitude is a warm blanket

Me: Beaumont. Would you please look at the camera?

Beau: Really Louise? You haven’t looked after my fans and now you want me to do something for you? I don’t think so.

Me: Would it help if I told you the photo is for your fans?

Beau: That’s what you said last Sunday Louise. In fact, what you said was, “I’ll post your blog for you next Sunday Beau. I promise.” And then you went and broke your promise.

Me: I didn’t mean to. I had COVID.

Beau: Oh no you don’t. You didn’t get COVID until Tuesday.

Me: I must have been feeling it coming on. I was tired.

Beau: Excuses. Excuses. What about all the Sundays before that when you missed connecting me with my fans? Huh? What about those?

Me: Well…. I was away and um… we had company… and…

Beau: Stop right there, Louise. What have you always said about making excuses for not keeping promises?

Me: Ummm…. Excuses are like salt on a wound. They only make a broken promise worse.

Beau: And the rest?…

Me: (sighing) Instead of making excuses, make amends.

Beau: Right. So…. how are you planning on making amends for breaking your promise to connect me with my fans EVERY Sunday, and I repeat EVERY Sunday?

Me: Be honest with you.

Beau: Huh?

Me: The fact is, promising to post here every Sunday is a big commitment. Some Sundays I just don’t have time, or I’m away or…

Beau: Is that an excuse you’re making Louise?

Me: No. It’s the truth, Beau. I commit to doing this as often as possible, and in most cases, every Sunday. But I find summer a time when I want to relax some of those commitments I’ve made to keep a particular schedule and I find myself easing off some of those commitments just because, being totally transparent and vulnerable with you here Beau, sometimes it feels like a lot to transcribe our conversations.

Beau: Oh.

Me: That’s it. Oh?

Beau: Well. I’m digesting what you just said and I’m pondering what it all means to me and… You know what Louise. I get it. Just as I like to lie on the grass and laze in the shade on a hot summer’s day, ’cause it feels good and restores me, you need to do the same.

Me: Wow Beau! Thanks for being so understanding.

Beau: Hey! You know me. Beaumont the Magnificently Magnanimous.

Me: Right.

Beau: You sound dubious! You don’t think I’m magnificently magnanimous?

Me: Ummm… Never. I mean. Of course I do.

Beau: Good. ‘Cause my fans are a very forgiving bunch Louise and that makes them magnificent too. So…. show them how magnificent you can be and get this here post posted. Stat.

Me: Yes. Beau.

Beau: Yes, Magnificently Magnanimous Beau, if you don’t mind.

Me: (sighing) You really want to push it don’t you?

Beau: Nah… I just want you to face the truth. I’m magnificent. You’re human.

Me: That I know Beau. That I know.

Beau: Good. Then best not forget it. Oh. And Louise…

Me: Yes Beau?

Beau: Thank you for making sure I got my walks even when you had COVID. I really do appreciate it.

And there you have it. Gratitude from Beau. How sweet is that? It feels like a warm welcoming blanket!

And yes, C.C. and I had COVID last week. We’re coming through it. I wasn’t too bad. Mostly indescribably tired. Fortunately, as soon as he tested positive his Dr. put him on Paxlovid and wow! Did it work fast. I was really worried that first day he was on the way to the hospital. And then, he wasn’t.

Grateful it happened now and not at the beginning of the pandemic. Grateful for medical science and its many advances. Grateful for it all.

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  1. *I posted a comment and I got an error, if it went through delete that one, LOL! I hit send too early before I was done.*

    LOL! Beau is sure a talkative one.

    Good that you guys pulled through the COVID crap. Will we ever be rid of it? I hope so.

    I haven’t gotten it yet, knock on wood. I say yet because If I say I didn’t get it, I’ll end up jinxing myself.

    Love that breed of doggo also.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mac! he is quite the fella! πŸ™‚

      This was our first time getting it — I say first time because I’ve got friends who’ve had it a couple of times! And everyone keeps saying — it’s inevitable. Mine wasn’t bad. Just really tired.

      And yes, Sheepadoodles are the best! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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