It’s Monday Louise. Not Sunday

Beau: Louise. It’s Monday

Me: Yes.

Beau: So…

Me: So what?

Beau: Don’t play cute with me, Louise. I know your nefarious ways.

Me: My ‘nefarious’ ways (those are air quotes btw)

Beau: Very funny. Now you’re just trying to avoid the obvious as you always do.

Me: Beau. You’re using an overstatement as an absolute. I don’t ‘always’ avoid. I ‘sometimes’ might, but making it an absolute is not helpful to this conversation.

Beau: Oh. But not posting my blog for three Sundays running is?

Me: I’m sorry Beau. I’ve… well…. I’ve been on a…. Spring Break. Yeah. Let’s call it a Spring Break.

Beau: I think calling it a ‘not keeping your commitments’ is more appropriate, Louise.

Me: Seriously Beau? Because I accidentally forget it’s Sunday and time for your blog post, you want to harp on commitments?

Beau: Louise, today is Monday, not Sunday and you’re not accidentally forgetting anything. You’re choosing not to do something.

Me: Prove it.

Beau: Excuse me? Don’t you think that’s a little childish?

Me: There you go, making judgements that read like an overstatement.

Beau: I’m not overstating anything Louise. Asking me to ‘prove it’ is childish.

Me: (sighing) Look. I’m sorry. OK? I’ve just been preoccupied with other things.

Beau: What could preoccupy you so much you don’t do what’s most important?

Me: (sighing… again) Ok. I get it. I’ve been slacking off, but I’m here today aren’t I? Can’t we just go with that?

Beau: And today is Monday Louise! My blog is called, Sundays with Beaumont. Not Monday or whatever day Louise feels like it with Beaumont. I am your responsibility everyday of the week. And I come with a blog that posts on SUNDAYS!!! Get it? SUNDAYS!

Me: Yes Beau. I get it. And you don’t need to yell. I hear you.

Beau: Sometimes Louise. I wonder if you really do. Get it, that is. Do you know how my fans rely on me to turn up in their Inboxes on Sundays to bring light and joy into their lives? And do you know how disappointed they are when I don’t turn up?

Me: (sighing… again) I’m sure you’re willing to tell me Beau.

Beau: And anyway, what was it you said about last weekend when you worked the casino to raise funds for that not-for-profit you work for. What was it you were trying to spread to everyone who came to you wicket to cash in their chips?

Me: (sighing again – he really can be soooo annoying sometimes) I said I wanted to spread joy so I was being very cheerful even though it was 3 in the morning and everyone was cranky and looking to get home.

Beau: Right. And did I complain last Sunday when you missed my blog. No I didn’t. I admired you for volunteering and for trying to spread joy. Well Louise, my fans are looking for you to spread joy. Are you willing to do that? Huh?

Me: Yes Beau.

Beau: Good. Now can they expect to see me in their Inbox on Sundays from this week forward?

Me: Well Beau…. we might have a slight problem.

Beau: A problem? Louise, I want to talk about solutions, not problems.

Me: Yes, well. Ummm…. next Sunday I’m visiting The Littles and… um…. won’t be able to post and umm…. the Sunday after that I’ll be coaching in Discovery Seminars and … ummmm…. won’t be able to post again….

Beau: Seriously Louise? You turn up today, a day late and are filled with excuses about why you won’t be posting for the next two weeks?

Me: Life gets busy sometimes Beau.

Beau: (sighing) You know, if you had a computer with a bigger keyboard I could post my own blog.

Me: You don’t know how to type Beau.

Beau: Teach me.

Me: The keyboard will still be too small.

Beau: Then Louise, I suggest the solution to this dilemma we find ourselves in rests in your hands, or should I say, fingertips.

Me: You know you’re a hard taskmaster right Beau?

Beau: Louise. I am trying to emulate you. You know, with the spreading joy and all that jazz. I want to spread joy so my fans feel the love. You are my conduit to their hearts. I rely on you to be my voice.

Me: Oh. So you’re asking me to do better than I’ve been doing?

Beau: Yes Louise. I am.

Me: Oh. Well…. now that you put it that way. Maybe I can find a way to at least post your blog next Sunday while I am in Vancouver.

Beau: Well…. seeing as you’re not taking me with you, again, I think it’s the least you can do.

Me: Can we not go there pleae Beau?

Beau: Well… Louise…. seeing as you are going there next week without me, how can we not, ‘go there’.

Me: I can quit typing now.

Beau: I’m sure there are a few fans who will have something to say about THAT Louise.

Me: (sighing) Unfortunately, I know you’re right, Beau.

Beau: But… I’m sure if you promise to turn up next Sunday and type your fngertips out for the great cause of spreading my joy, they won’t be quite so… relentless in their comments and accusations, Louise.

Me: Promise?

Beau: I can’t promise for others Louise but I can promise for myself. If you keep your promise to post, I will ask them to go gentle on you.

Me: Why thank you Beau. How Magnanimous of you!

Beau: But of course Louise. They don’t call me, The magnificently Magnanimous Sir Beaumont of Sheepadoodle for nothing Louise.

Me: I didn’t know that’s what they call you Beau.

Beau: (smiling oh so sweetly) Well if you turned up here more regularly Louise, you’d know what people are saying now wouldn’t you!

And so, Beau and I come to an agreement and he of course, comes out ahead. Why am I not suprised?

Beau and I hope everyone had a long weekend, not matter their celebration that was full of time spent with those you love, lots of chocolate, laughter and JOY!

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