This Journey of Discovery

Beaumont: I’m proud of you Louise.

Me: Excuse me?

Beau: Why? Did you fart?

Me: Ahh…. You had me worried there for a momet Beau. That’s the Beau I’m used to, not the one who says things like, “I’m proud of you.”

Beau: Is that true Louise?

Me: It is for me.

Beau: What’s true? That you expect the worst from people? And dawgs?

Me: Well… No. But I don’t always expect them to be kind.

Beau: What’s in it for you to keep judging people?

Me: Whoa there Beau! Are you trying to coach me?

Beau: I’m always trying to coach you Louise. You’re just not always an easy subject. In fact, the fact I’m coaching you sometimes escapes you entirely!

Me: It is not the role of a dawg to coach a human Beau. That’s my job.

Beau: And who coaches Louise?

Me: Ummmm….. Other people…..

Beau: Is that a statement or a question?

Me: Statement….?

Beau: If it is then how can they coach you if your expectation is they’re going to do or say or behave in unkind ways?

Me: (sighing) Fine Beau. I get your point.

Beau: You know Louise, you hoomans are funny beings. You ‘get’ things but sometimes, what we dawgs see is you hoomans only get them in your ‘head brain’ not your heart and body, which we dawgs know in our entire bodies, all the way down to the tips of the claws at the end of our paws, is a very headstrong way to live. Don’t you get tired of carrying around the weight of being you in your head?

Me: (big sigh – I hate it when he’s right) So… you think I should be more like a dawg?

Beau: You can’t be more like a dawg Louise. You’re a hooman. But what you can be is more whole body present in every molecule of your being you.

Me: You know you’re kind of making me want to back up into my corner and wait for this conversation to end, right?

Beau: Hey, flight, fight or freeze, you’re the one who’s hurt the most when you avoid what you know is true and right and best for you.

Me: (sighing. sighing. sighing.) Yes Beau. Now can we go back to the first question?

Beau: It wasn’t a question Louise. It was a statement of fact. I’m proud of you.

Me: Why are you proud of me Beau?

Beau: Why isn’t the question you need to be asking Louise.

Me: It’s not? What’s the question then?

Beau: The question is, the question you need to ask yourself every day of your life… Am I proud of myself? (pause) And before you jump in with that oh so hooman defensive way of deflecting the question with too quick an answer of, “Of course I am,” I invite you to take some time, as much as you need, to really think about the truth of your response deep down within your belly. Because, if you let your whole body inform your answer, and give your head brain a rest, which I know is difficult for you, you might be able to feel the truth embracing you with loving kindness rather than with your protective armour raised up in an automatic desire to guard your heart.

Me: Oh. Ummmm…. Were you just in the Discovery Seminars room with me for the past four days Beau?

Beau: (smiling in his oh so innocent and sweet way) Where you go, I go Louise. Even when you don’t take me with you… by the way.

Sigh. How does he do it? How does he know what’s really on my heart and soul? And how does he know my ‘head brain’ is scrambling for ways to stay in control?

Beau: They don’t call me, Da’Yoda for nothing, Louise. I am wise to your hooman ways in ways you can’t even imagine!

Me: It’s just plain Yoda Beau. No Da.

Beau: Not if you’re a Dawg, Louise. We dawgs we’re Da’Best. Da’Bomb and of course, Da’Yoda.

And once again he smiles ever so sweetly, closes his eyes and goes back to sleep, while I sit in early morning darkness pondering his question.

It’s a great question to ponder on this the fifth and final day of Discovery Seminars where I’ve been coaching for the past five days.

What a gift to be in the room again.

I’ve witnessed hearts breaking open, eyes lighting up and spirits soaring. I’ve witnessed people breaking free from self-imposed imprisonment within the cages of guilt, shame, regret, and all the cages they’ve built for themselves that they thought were keeping them safe but were really just holding them trapped in the fear that the past would never die.

And I’ve witness miracles.

I haven’t coached in the room for four years. I’m so grateful I broke free of my limiting belief I was done with the work of discovering my own power to become brighter, lighter and more committed to living my life like it’s a journey of discovery with every breath I take.

This journey of Discovery is never done. It’s called Life.


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  1. Be proud of every moment, every event regardless if you think they are good or negative. For it is through those negative moments that we truly learn about ourselves. You took that proverbial ‘leap of faith”‘ by stepping back into the ROOM. Only you have the power to do that. Your message will, or should, resonate with many. Namaste!

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    1. Thank you JoAnne. I don’t read a lot of blogs — I’ve been very inconsistent the past year — but when I do read yours, you always speak to my heart. Your love and joy of family is inspiring. And how you are living each day fully, even with health issues, is bloody wonderful and also very inspiring.

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