Getting the best of you!

Beaumont: Throw the ball already why don’t you?

Me: Because you’ve mawed a hole in it and if I throw it into the river it will sink and you won’t have a ball left to chase.

Beau: Excuses. Excuses.

Me: Truth. Truth.

Beau: Hmmm…. so why don’t you get me a new ball?

Me: Because I just haven’t. Yet.

Beau: What are you waiting for? Christmas?

Me: Believe me. This one will be lost long before that.

Beau: Then I suggest you get me a new ball next week. You’ve only got four days.

Me: A week is seven days long Beau.

Beau: And my birthday is four days away.

Me: Ahhhh. So you’re lobbying for a ball as your birthday present.

Beau: What I’m really lobbying for Louise is to you to learn to lob the ball in the direction you aim so that I can find it without you losing it.

Me: You have an interesting way of phrasing that Beau, especially when I’m not the one who can’t find it.

Beau: Louise. Have I not taught you anything? We are each of us 100% responsible for everything we do and say, and everything we allow into our life. Your inability to throw the ball straight is responsible for the ball becoming lost, not my chasing of said ball.

Me: Well…. what about the hole in the ball which is preventing me from throwing it into the river as per your request? Who’s responsible for that?

Beau: Hey! I am responsible for being a dawg. Dawg’s chew balls as well as chase them. If you insist on buying cheap balls that aren’t designed for my beautiful teeth to chow into who’s to blame?

Me: You really do know how to get the best of me, don’t you Beau?

Beau: I’m trying Louise. I’m trying. Though some days I fear…. well, let’s just say you are a work in progress and getting the best of you may be a life-long journey. But fear not, a dawg’s responsibility is always to encourage their hooman to be their best. And I take that responsibility 100% to heart.

Sigh. And so, once again, Beau gets the best of me — it’s not just the best he’s looking for! 🙂

And yes — on Thursday of this week, Beaumont turns 8! That means C.C. and I have had 8 amazing years of his special kind of special in our lives.

What a beautiful gift he’s been in our world.

Beau: Given all those accolades for special me, does that means you’ll be baking me a special cake?

Me: What kind would you like? Liver. Salmon. Maybe ground beef?

Beau: How about a T-bone with a candle in it?

Me: Oh my. At today’s prices? You do have expensive tastes Beau!

Beau: It isn’t about how expensive my tastes are, Louise. It’s about how committed you are to celebrating all that joy and specialness I’ve brought into your lives in a way that demonstrates, unequivocally, your gratitude of my presence on your path.

Me: Oh my. Well… as you put it that way… How about a chewy toy shaped like a T-Bone and you’ll get a special sauce on your meal. I can even put a candle on it for you!

Beau: If that’s how you want to be 100% accountable for expressing your gratitude, I shall expect it as such. Of course, you’ll also have to be 100% responsible for the consequences…. and as my buddy Rod says, your Italian leather boots make a great chew toy too!

Sigh… for a moment there I thought I might have won!

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